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Lower Dens performs at Mohawk Place

10/04/15 11:37pm | By BRIAN WINDSCHITL

The singer of Lower Dens gave a passionate performance at Mohawk Place on Thursday, playing for the first time in Buffalo. The band, hailing from Baltimore, was formed in 2010.

The progressive indie rock band was clearly influenced by the pop of the ’80s. Throughout the entire night, their sound was so reminiscent of an earlier generation of music, as the band performed all of their biggest hits: “To Die in L.A.,” “Ondine” and “Electric Current.”


Lana Del Rey and her Honeymoon phase

Lana Del Rey and her Honeymoon phase

10/01/15 10:43pm | By KENNETH KASHIF THOMAS

Lana Del Rey released her fourth studio album, Honeymoon, on Sept. 18, which she started working on only two months after the release of her third project, Ultraviolence (2014).

Clocking in at an hour and five minutes, with 14 tracks, this project has shown that Lana has refined her sound without losing the characteristics of the iconic sound that we have all fallen in love with.


Not exactly a ‘time to be alive’

10/01/15 9:16pm | By KENNETH KASHIF THOMAS

What A Time To Be Alive clocks in at 40 minutes with 11 tracks, most of which feature beats from Atlanta up-and-comer Metro Boomin’.

It’s hard to consider this a mixtape, especially based off the fact that this “mixtape” is being sold like an album – remember Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and its rollout?

Calling this project a mixtape gives Drake and Future a pass in mediocrity.


WRUB radio helps UB students learn DJ skills, share with community

WRUB radio helps UB students learn DJ skills, share with community

10/01/15 9:07pm | By Luke Heuskin

“WRUB stands for ‘We Are UB,’ and I think that our name says it all,” said Gabrielle Cohen, general manager of WRUB and a junior environmental design major. “We are UB’s voice to the students via radio, whether it be music or talk radio and we really strive to make WRUB inclusive of all listeners.”

WRUB was conceived in the 1970s and started as an FM station but later switched to online radio format, making it one of the first internet-based college radio stations. Sub Board I, Inc. owns WRUB.


Grammy award-winning KC and the Sunshine Band to play UB tailgate series

10/01/15 12:34pm | By BRIAN WINDSCHITL

KC and the Sunshine Band will kickoff the football team’s tailgate on Saturday, as the third show of the Tailgate Concert Series.

The Grammy and American Music Award-winning band has toured for more than 50 years and is known for their massively popular songs such as “That’s the Way (I Like It),” “Get Down Tonight,” and “Shake Your Booty.”

The band took a hiatus from 1985 to1993, but has been touring ever since.


The Waiting Room

The McLovins, a jam-band at heart, plays at Waiting Room in Buffalo

09/27/15 6:14pm | By BRIAN WINDSCHITL

The McLovins walked onstage at 11 p.m. without saying a word. Silently, the band picked up their instruments and started playing, their heads nodding in unison.

Halfway through the first song at the Waiting Room, the crowd was already dancing to the beat.

The McLovins, humorously named after Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s character’s fake ID name in Superbad, are a four-piece outfit from Hartford, Connecticut.


Splitting Light art exhibit comes to UB

09/25/15 11:16am | By BRIAN WINDSCHITL

Browder, Dawe and Knuth are three of the 10 artists whose work premiered in UB’s Art Gallery in the Center for the Arts on Thursday night in the exhibit Splitting Light. Rachel Adams, associate curator of the University Art Gallery, curated the exhibit, focusing the show on how color is used as an idea, inspiration and theme through different mediums and artists.


Salty or sweet?: Hot takes on Drake and Future project don’t matter – it’s not that deep

09/22/15 8:23pm | By BRIAN WINDSCHITL

Drake and Future’s most recent project has been out for two days – since its drop, the mixtape has been examined and analyzed from every aspect imaginable. Some common criticisms that have arisen so far: “I thought it was going to be better,” or “It’s not as good as Drake and Future’s old stuff,” and “It didn’t live up to its hype. It’s not that deep.


HBO reigns supreme amid lowest-rated Emmys ever

09/22/15 8:15pm | By BRIAN WINDSCHITL

During the 67th edition of the Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, HBO-produced shows won 14 major awards, including best drama, comedy, movie and miniseries. HBO shows like “Game of Thrones”and “Veep” won five of the 10 main Emmy award categories, including the two keynote awards for the night, Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Comedy Series.