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Playlist: The Best of Gavin DeGraw

On Thursday evening, Gavin DeGraw will take the main stage at UB's Center For the Arts.

What better way to welcome him than with a playlist everyone can enjoy? Whether you managed to snag tickets to the show or not, this playlist is a reminder of DeGraw's greatest hits:

"Run Every Time" - Sweeter

The song has an easy, gentle flow that captures the listener's attention right as the first chord of the song is played. But you don't start to get emotionally invested until DeGraw's voice cuts through the music with his lyrics: "I got troubles that I can't hide / So many and it's turning me on inside out/ I know a woman's nature / There's nothing you can save here / Me, I run every time."

The song talks about a person being so close to something or someone and running away when he or she is on the verge of accomplishment. It's a great message, with great instrumentals.

"Who's Gonna Save Us" - Make a Move

When we are love struck and wondering 'what if,' there is always that one song we look to for inspiration. "Who's Gonna Save Us" is the song that gives hope in times of need. The ballad-style piano gives a feeling of someone telling you, "Everything is going to be all right." And DeGraw uses the music as a canvas. He illustrates a picture and paints the listener into the middle through his sung anecdotes and musings. Stop worrying and make a move.

"Chariot" - Chariot

This is one of DeGraw's more popular songs. Whenever a listener thinks of DeGraw, the lyrics, "Staring at a maple leaf / Leaning on the mother tree / I said to myself we all lost touch / your favorite fruit is chocolate covered cherries / And seedless watermelon ohhhh," are rarely far from mind. The catchy intro beats are some of DeGraw's best. The world can be too complex at times, and "Chariot" can help us all unwind.

"I Don't Want to Be"- Chariot

The clean-up hitter in this musical lineup is "I Don't Want to be," a song that gives a nice, deep bellowing guitar sound in the intro to accompany DeGraw's storytelling, as he sings about how he doesn't want to be anything other than himself. It has a nice jazz/pop feel to it that hits the listener hard with a great chorus.

For those who spent their teen years watching love interests and teenage drama unfold during the long-running TV show One Tree Hill, this song is going to be a burst of nostalgia. With "Chariot" and "I Don't Want to Be" back to back on your playlist, you're not going to want to stop listening to DeGraw.

"Not Over You" - Sweeter

So, you just broke up with your partner and you're trying to keep cool and act like the separation isn't affecting you. But no matter how much you try to forget your ex, you just can't. "Not Over you" is a great song to listen to when you are in a funk. DeGraw's voice helps bring you out of it, as he sings, "If you ask me how I'm doing / I would say I'm doing just fine." DeGraw describes the typical reaction when exes see each other for the first time after a breakup. You don't want to show the other person how you're really feeling. DeGraw puts it all in perspective for you.

"Finest Hour" - Make a Move

This song is perfect for those who seize the day and don't like to harp on regrets. Use this DeGraw song to play the morning after you've spent all of your money, crashed your expensive car and scrolled through your social media feeds to gather what happened last night.

Interestingly, DeGraw is talking about a girl in the song. So, if you're a carefree person and you're going on that hot date - put this track on while you smooth your hair and pick your outfit.

"Stealing" - Sweeter

One thing that is apparent in DeGraw's music is that not only can he sing, but he's also an exceptional piano player. The introduction in this song demonstrates DeGraw's skill, and puts you in the right frame of mind for the song. DeGraw uses a well thought out piano riff that transports the listener to a downtown jazz lounge. But there's no time for idle listening as the pace quickly picks up with a bolstering chorus that helps make the song that much better.

"Cheated on Me" - Gavin DeGraw

Anybody who has ever been cheated on will be able to relate to this ballad. DeGraw sings about how he suspects his girlfriend has cheated: "Someone else's eyes / Someone else's arms / Someone else's obvious moves / I'm a jealous guy / I hear people talk / And it isn't hard to believe / I think you cheated on me." The lines are brilliant because these seem to be common themes associated with cheating. If you're thinking you might be dating a cheater, listen to this song and you might feel better.


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