Eleven buildings on North Campus lose power

Eleven North Campus buildings lost power on Tuesday after one of the ceramic insulators and fuses failed on one bay of UB's substations, according to UB Spokesman John Della Contrada.

The outage lasted approximately one hour and affected classes and students.

Around 12:30 p.m., O'Brian, Jacobs, Norton, Bonner, Knox, Park and Talbert Halls, as well as UB Stadium, Lockwood Library and sections of Alumni Arena and Capen Hall lost power.

The Office of University Communications sent The Spectrum a press release with the time and day of the occurrence, but some students complained they were never alerted.

Barry Lee, a freshman chemical engineering major, was in his computer programming class when the power outage occurred.

"[UB could have sent] out an email or text to all the students alerting them about the problem," Lee said. "When the power went out, the Wi-Fi went out with it, but some people still had cell service as well. But no one knew what was going on and if class was going to be canceled."

UB Facilities crews responded and individually switched affected buildings to alternate feeds to restore power, according to Della Contrada.

"Power on campus is normally very reliable," he said. "The cause is being investigated."

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