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Crossing a threshold

A look at SA in the interim

We disagree with Elad Eliahu's assertion that the Student Association cheated him.

Last week, Eliahu ran as an independent candidate for one of the six on-campus SA senator positions. He lost by 33 votes and then claimed SA sabotaged his candidacy.

There are several problems with the accusations he has brought forward.

aHe was already running one versus six and lacked the political upper hand.

aHe served a 20-minute penalty for what should have been two hours.

aHis main complaint was that the time that he was removed from the floor was the time he could have assembled enough voters to propel a win. Only 15 people voted during that time, however, so it is mathematically impossible that it would have made a difference.

In light of the Senate election, it is important for us, the students, to use this time to cogitate on the manner in which SA has operated during this crisis period and the manner in which we must conduct ourselves during this upcoming presidential election.

One thing Eliahu said with some validity was the way students get harassed in the Student Union to go and vote. The common student who doesn't follow SA and is just trying to get through his or her day and get to class is not interested in being toppled by some of SA's finest.

There needs to be a new line of communication between SA and the student body. We don't want to be harassed in the Union and SA candidates should recognize that and accept that it is a feckless political maneuver.

What matters most during the upcoming special election next week is that students are discerning enough to seek out the information necessary to make a good decision.

We have written before on the importance of this upcoming election. It is imperative we choose the best qualified and most capable candidate to lead SA out of the duress it has been under with a controversial start to the academic year.

Moreover, there are two things that must be posited in this delicate time: Candidates must not overwhelm students in the Union trying to go about their business, and students need to be engaged in the election process.

We would also like to recognize Lyle Selsky for the grace under pressure he has exemplified during the interim period. He has been all over the place, working with clubs and facilitating the endorsements. He has maintained dignity in a distressing period and has been a source of optimism for us following SA and wondering how it will proceed.

Last year during our endorsements, we really liked Selsky and felt he had a grounded and progressive vision for our student government; Nick Johns, however, gave us a different impression.

Selsky deserves commendation and we are happy to give it to him.

In the meantime, we are now in a period of liminality - the state of being on a threshold. We are no longer this but not yet that.

What students and SA need to keep in mind at this juncture is what they want "that" to be.


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