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Basketball (UB remix)

Sports Editor

Published: Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 18:12


Spectrum File Photo


They’re playing basketball

We love UB basketball


Now basketball is Danny White’s favorite sport

He likes the way Jarod Oldham dribbles up and down the court

Brian Wolff keeps it so fresh on the microphone

There’s only #NYBI interruptions when the game is on

We like slam-dunks that take McCrea to the hoop

The favorite play is the Freelove-to-Much alley-oop

Danny likes the Skeete and Regan pick-n-roll

And the Raley-Ross to Xavier Ford give-n-go

And it’s basketball, Bobby Hurley, let’s go




Shannon Evans’ got the rock in his hands

There ain’t no telling what he’s gonna do with it

When he got possession, he’s gonna have to fool with it

He might cross you up and fake one way

Turn around and hit you with the MJ fade-away

He’s throwing down passes like Hurleyat Duke

Taking Kent to the rack

And dunking over them like Mitchell Watt in 2011

When in the paint he play with that Legette-Jack style

Just like Loesing because they can shoot from a half-mile


Don’t too many players get offers like this

We’re at the State University of New York at Buffalo likely

Shake the dust off your UB Nikes

They almost had McCrea in a suit at the draft

Because it looks like a free throw

When a random fan shoots from half court

The first step like a 1990 Hurley, blow pass you

They’ll leave nothing but net, but can use the glass, too

When Ford’s in the paint the defense is so shook

They don’t know if he’s gonna put up a slow hook or dish up a no-look

See the games consist of whole lot of

Moves you would think were learned from the Harlem Globe Trotters

McCrea and Loesing gonna lead us to a MAC Championship ring

The men and women’s team makes the Dazzlers want to sing




Now tell me were you in the joint

The night Regan scored 36 points

When the Bulls defeated No. 24 Akron

It proved that anything could happen

When Auraum Nuiriankh and Jamir Hanner came in

They make big plays to preserve the win

Everybody went crazy in the whole damn gym

Justin Moss standing tall

Playing ‘D’ with desire

It’s Basketball

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