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America’s sexiest sports jerseys

Sports Editor

Published: Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Updated: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 14:02

For men who love sports, there is nothing much sexier than combining a significant other and favorite sport. Unfortunately for some fans, not all jerseys are created equal. It’s super sexy to find your sexual partner lying in your bed in nothing but your favorite jersey, unless it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers’ bumblebee attire. Here’s a list of the jerseys that can best spice up your sex life.


Oregon Ducks (any jersey)

Watching Oregon play can be really hit or miss, but the sheer number of uniform combinations they wear and the high percentage of those that look great make them the easiest on the eyes in the country. Whether it’s their “throwback” combination with the yellow helmets, green jerseys and yellow pants or their all-white combination, you can count on the Ducks to get your juices flowing. Just imagine if your significant other had that many combinations of sexy outfits.


Oklahoma City Thunder (home)

Both of the Thunder’s jerseys are nice, but the white ones fall particularly high on my list of favorite jerseys. The blue, orange and white mesh and the black outline on the hem mix borders nicely. Basketball jerseys are also the smallest in major sports and maybe all sports with the exception of beach volleyball. Regardless of the sex of the athlete, those around are bound to enjoy the view.


Baltimore Orioles (home)

It was tough not to pick the Mets’ powder-white jerseys for this spot, but the Orioles have the best hat in baseball, in my opinion. The white front-panel hat combines with the all-white jerseys with orange font to make the Orioles’ standard home jersey the sexiest in baseball. Also, keep in mind that baseball jerseys are the only button-down uniforms in sports, which allows for much easier access to what’s underneath.


Minnesota Wild (third)

The Wild’s third jersey isn’t only the sexiest jersey in hockey; it’s straight up the best. I’m not usually a sucker for green, but the script and the different shades make it as pleasing to the eye as any uniform. Hockey jerseys may not be as form-fitting as some other sports, but their warmth makes them perfect for the winter months, and who doesn’t appreciate a girl who knows her hockey?



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