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The censure vote was fair, but was the decision just?

11/16/17 1:53am | By SARAH CROWLEY

UB can dismiss a pre-tenure professor without offering a single reason why.

A clause in the professors’ union-negotiated contract upholds this practice; it’s not just a rarely cited, last-resort clause, but rather a policy deans and administrators are specifically advised to follow.


Spectrum endorses neither UB Student Association president, vice president ticket – and here’s why

03/28/16 12:57am | By Editorial Board

So instead we have come to the decision to allow you to know what he like – and do not like – about this year’s presidential and vice presidential candidates in the hopes of informing you as best we can before you head to the polls. We feel it is better to lay out our issues with each party than to mask our uncertainty with a hollow endorsement. 


Jordan Grossman

It would be best for Donyell Marshall and the UB Bulls if he stays put

03/25/16 12:05am | By Jordan Grossman

And it should be the only rumor he wants to hear as well.

I don’t understand why Marshall, even with his rich résumé in the NBA, would leave Mid-Major Buffalo just yet. I’ll say that again. Marshall, a 15-year veteran who has played with some of the NBA’s greatest, should stay at a program that reached just its second-ever postseason appearance.

You bet it.


Diverse Spring Fest lineup the right choice for UB Student Association

03/22/16 10:14pm | By Editorial Board

This year’s Spring Fest will feature headliner The Chainsmokers, as well as Mac Miller, Icona Pop and Coleman Hell – a combination of electronic music and dance (EDM), hip-hip-hop and indie music and a clear effort to please as many students as possible.

And for that effort we applaud the Student Association. Every undergraduate student helps shells out $104.75 a semester to help fund the concert, so although we’re sure there are some disappointed students out there, incorporating as many acts as possible is the right move.


UB women’s basketball is ahead of schedule

03/19/16 11:16pm | By QUENTIN HAYNES

My first reaction was shock that Buffalo, fresh off a successful conference tournament run, could look barley competitive. Then I stopped and remembered just how far this team had come from the start of the regular season – how we started to see some of its strengths and how players you didn’t know about five months ago stepped up in moments you could’ve never imagined.

I remembered this team is ahead of schedule.


Tom Dinki

Legette-Jack and UB women’s basketball’s Cinderella run was long time coming

03/17/16 6:31pm | By Tom Dinki

Felisha Legette-Jack is without question the most intense coach on UB’s campus.

It’s hard not to leave one of her Buffalo women’s basketball practices or postgame interviews – where she is always both animated, passionate and even a little intimidating – not feeling a little motivated yourself, even if you’re from being a Division-I women’s basketball player.

So when Legette-Jack said she wanted to build “the village” or community of support to help grow her young Bulls team this season – it was hard to dismiss it as the campy and cliché coach speak that it would be if 99 percent of coaches said it.


Tori Roseman

3/10/15: Dealing with the love, loss and regret

03/11/16 3:37am | By TORI ROSEMAN

On March 10, 2015, I lost someone who was really important to me. One year later, I have grown significantly as a person. I have learned to appreciate those around me, not to waste time on the petty things but to indulge and enjoy life. I have learned the value of a human life and how the loss of one could impact hundreds.


‘Yelp’ for people is a hotspot for bullies, judgment despite changes

03/09/16 1:07am | By Editorial Board

A lot of changes were made to the app before it was brought to North America. You can’t post about someone who doesn’t have a profile and you can’t make a profile for someone else. Accounts can be deleted at any time so if you’re sick of the service, it’s easy to step away from it. These measures were taken to improve the experience and prevent bullying, but completely ignore the larger issue with creating an app like this.


Knicks, Carmelo Anthony, should split amicably

03/09/16 12:22am | By MICHAEL AKELSON

Anthony was the Knicks’ biggest superstar since Patrick Ewing departed the team in 2000. He was also one of the faces of the league and was expected to be the positive face of a franchise that had never quite recovered from the negative stigma created by Isaiah Thomas and Stephon Marbury.

Yet, neither goal ever seemed within their grasp. The returns have been less than stellar on both accounts, with both the team and Melo having only modest successes and a lot of disappointment to show for it.


Awareness of our digital footprint

03/06/16 8:08pm | By Editorial Board

The days of posting every thought or whim on Facebook have passed and now the primary social media tools seem to be Snapchat and Instagram, both of which are image-based. There is still room for error here, but Snapchats disappear - in theory - and the only writing involved on Instagram is captions, comments and direct messaging. It's easier to control what we post, especially on Snapchat where we can choose who sees our pictures down to the person.


Studying at UB but pledging at Buffalo State was worth it

03/06/16 7:29pm | By Tomas Olivier

Most students at UB don’t want to pledge. And who could blame them? With all the negative media coverage that various organizations have been getting due to hazing allegations and misconduct, some people might truly believe that Greek Life as we know it is plummeting to its ugly and inevitable death.

But for a small group of individuals like me, who while attending classes at UB completed most or all of their process at SUNY Buffalo State or vice versa – the value we attribute to our organization is drastically greater than your average on-campus pledge.


Money talk

Money Talk: Why planting Acorns won’t get you trees

03/02/16 1:31am | By KENNETH KASHIF THOMAS

As people constantly search for the next easy and convenient product, diet or app, they find themselves looking back and wondering why they ever got into a trend.

Recently, people have taken to the spare-change app Acorns, based out of Newport Beach, California, in the hopes of growing their own money trees. Rounding up your change from purchases, the app builds a diversified portfolio managed by the Vanguard and Blackrock investment firms.


Arizona campus preacher walks line between freedom of speech and hate speech

02/28/16 9:25pm | By Editorial Board

Dean Saxton, or “Brother Dean” as he is known on campus, is a resident campus preacher at the University of Arizona, who for years has protested holding signs and voicing among other things that women deserve rape and are to blame for rape because of the way they dress. His antics resurfaced in the news cycle again last week after a student began a petition asking the university to no longer allow Saxton to protest on campus.