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Being asexual in a sexual world

02/12/18 2:08am | By DAN MCKEON

I fully realized I was asexual –– having little or no sexual appetite –– the first time I went to a strip club.

My friends decided we should all go to this strip club in North Buffalo one night –– an idea I sighed and went along with. We went in and I nursed a beer for a couple hours while they got lap dances and dropped bills in places you could probably guess. But as I sat there, sipping a room temperature Labatt and taking in the shrine to American sexual desire, it hit me: eh, this whole thing probably isn’t for me.


What happened to UB Vice President Dennis Black?

08/31/16 11:26pm | By Editorial Board

People don’t usually disappear, especially not prominent people on a campus of 30,000 students.

But that is just what happened to Dennis Black, UB’s vice president of Student Affairs, who was practically the face of UB for students and who was one of UB’s only administrators who clearly loved the spotlight and interacting with students.


Insert cliché quote here

05/03/16 9:13pm | By Tomas Olivier

Originally, I didn’t want to write this piece – for multiple reasons. The main reason being that I’m not really leaving UB. Also, because saying goodbye seems silly to me considering that the work that we do as staff writers, editors, copy editors and managing editors will always be part of the legacy that is The Spectrum.


Do it for the story

05/03/16 9:08pm | By Jordan Grossman

Limiting yourself will get you nowhere. Hiding behind a mask because you’re uncertain of the result is no way to live life, especially in college, where the entire four-year stretch is nothing but a learning experience. Take risks. Tell stories. Make your experiences here at UB worthwhile to remember them years down the road.


Views from the 132

05/03/16 9:07pm | By MARLEE TUSKES

During my first couple of years at UB I felt like I was going through the motions – I drove to campus in the morning for classes then left as soon as my last one was over to either go to work or hang out with my other commuter friends I knew from high school. Even after I started taking journalism classes – the one subject I was planning my life around – I didn’t feel part of the “UB community.” It wasn’t until my junior year I found my niche.


The metamorphosis

05/03/16 9:04pm | By Tom Dinki

Word for word, I still remember my sophomore year Spectrum staffaward. You know, those “paper plate” type awards almost every club, sorority and campus organization gives out to members at end-of-the-year ceremonies. That piece of paper with a short, personalized award that most recipients will look at, either chuckle at or feel sentimental about and then forget about.

I still think about mine two years later.

The Butterfly Award: To the editor that is coming out of his shell and becoming a leader at the paper.


Finding power in a situation where I had none

05/03/16 9:01pm | By JOHN JACOBS

It was late October 2015. I was at an open bar and drank too much because I was depressed and thought it’d help. It didn’t. I got drunk enough that I stumbled outside to catch some air and blacked out.

I regained partial consciousness in a car to a stranger sexually assaulting me. I’m a guy and he was a guy too.

I was too drunk to really understand what was happening to me at the time, but the assailant wasn’t. The guy was sober enough to lead me to his car, sober enough to take my pants off, sober enough to drive. Sober enough to know better.


‘The One with the College Newspaper’

05/03/16 8:56pm | By ALYSSA MCCLURE

College cannot be fully summed up in one phrase – how can you fit staying up until 2 a.m. on a Tuesday wine drunk with your roommates, 10 p.m. half-app adventures, mud-splattered sunburns, chocolate chip cookie baking and Chinese fire drills in the middle of the Audubon into one blank? Yet for each one of us, our experience has been highlighted by something profound – something that has changed us as individuals, made us more self-confident and gifted us lifelong friends.

For some, it is a fraternity or sorority, a campus club or a sports team.

For me, college has been “The One with the College Newspaper.”


Jordan Grossman headshot

UB quarterback battle should be cut to two people

04/24/16 4:22pm | By Jordan Grossman

The Buffalo football team is a squad forced to remake a portion of its starting lineup after a mass exit of starting seniors. There are positions that are already decided no matter the results of the annual spring scrimmage. Jordan Johnson is locked in as the starting running back. Most of the offensive and defensive line is made up.


Letter to the Editor

04/24/16 4:20pm

In the April 20 issue of The Spectrum, Sarah Crowley provides a rundown of the arguments for and against closed and open primary systems.


Some students upset over handling of Sanders rally – but should be grateful there was a candidate on campus at all

04/13/16 12:28am | By Editorial Board

t’s easier to forget this is a presidential campaign – things are bound to get hectic as supporters from not just UB but all over the state flocked to see their candidate. Students should appreciate the fact that they even had an opportunity to hear a candidate speak – which happened as a result of group of students taking the initiative to petition and SA noticing and reaching out to Sanders’ campaign.