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Gather ye rosebuds

05/10/18 6:59am | By Allison Staebell

In a very real way, I owe everything I have to Aaron Sorkin.

For those of you who don’t know, Aaron Sorkin is a screenwriter and director famous for successes like “The West Wing,” “A Few Good Men” and “The Social Network.” He’s got two Golden Globes, an Oscar and five Emmys but for me, his gift to the world were his two lesser-known shows, “Sports Night” and “The Newsroom.” These shows changed my life.


Everyday horror

10/23/17 9:58am | By DAN MCKEON

Halloween, among other things, is a time for scaring yourself senseless; how is it any different than regular life?

The appeal of haunted houses or paying to have people dressed as zombies chase you through a cornfield is lost on me. Everyday chores, preparing for the future, getting by in classes and trying to socialize are all horrifying enough.


#MeToo starts an important conversation about sexual assault

10/19/17 2:04am | By Editorial Board

The #MeToo movement was first started in 2007 by black activist Tarana Burke. She came up with the phrase as a way to personally connect with other survivors, particularly other young women of color. The movement was reawakened this weekend when actress Alyssa Milano posted a tweet, although Milano later said she was unaware of the phrase’s origins.


Eminem’s latest freestyle is hip-hop done right

10/19/17 1:57am | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

I’ll throw Eminem in the conversation of top 5 of all time and, no pun intended, I’m not afraid to say that.

From quirky personas to upper echelon word-play, the rapper can easily box with some of the best in the field.

But as a rap fan who primarily got into the genre in the late ‘00s, I, unfortunately, had to mill through the tail end of his career.

Albums like “Recovery” and “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” -- with the exception of few & choice songs -- are dumpster fires.


Hear Me Out: 'Slime Rancher,' Courtney Barnett and loneliness in love

10/16/17 10:56am | By DAN MCKEON

“Slime Rancher,” a video game about ranching slimes on an alien planet, deceptively contains one of the loveliest and loneliest narratives in pop culture, as well as one of the most relatable for a generation built on new means of communication. Throughout the game, the character, Beatrix LeBeau, learns more and more about the special someone left on Earth, all while reading through a parallel love story of the man that once lived on the ranch.


What happened to the Newspaper Readership Program?

10/16/17 12:53am | By Editorial Board

UB used to have several newspaper stands throughout campus that offered students copies of The New York Times, USA Today with a quick swipe of their student ID. This semester, students returned to campus to find these stands gone. Several students including us Spectrum editors looked forward to reading these newspapers in between classes and studying.


Toothless: A look at health, both mental and dental

10/12/17 1:35am | By DAVID TUNIS-GARCIA

I’m scared that I’m losing my teeth.

I don’t mean that in a dream logic, “losing teeth means you’re having money problems” or whatever else. Even though I take good care of my teeth – brushing two to three times a day, using mouthwash, flossing most nights – I go about my day concerned that a cavity has started to form in my formerly pristine pearly whites. I have a sneaking suspicion that my still-present wisdom teeth have begun to stray off their God-given course, slowly but surely rendering my grill jacked up.


Coming out: one year later

10/08/17 11:49pm | By MADDY FOWLER

I was afraid to come out publicly because I was afraid people would make negative assumptions about me based on stereotypes about bisexuality. But then I realized that the only way to combat those stereotypes is to speak out against them. I realized I had the power to own the narrative about my sexuality and define my identity for myself. And in doing so, I could help change the negative misconceptions about being bi. 


What. A. Game.

10/08/17 11:47pm | By DANIEL PETRUCCELLI

Dear anyone who wasn’t at UB Stadium Saturday, it sucks to be you.

You missed one hell of a football game. The kind of football game you tell your kids about. The kind of football game where every other play a record is being broken. The kind of football game that makes the entire country tune into a mid-major conference game. The most exciting football game I have ever seen.


The Bulls big come up

10/05/17 10:36am | By THOMAS ZAFONTE

Well, the football team (3-2, 1-0 MAC ) proved me wrong. I wrote a few weeks ago about how I felt there was nothing to be excited for this season and how I expected another losing record for the program.


My stolen identity

10/04/17 8:30pm | By BRENTON J. BLANCHET

In August 2014, I was hanging out at my friend’s house. It was an average overnight visit. My friends and I created some pretty memorable Vines; the type that would only be funny to overtired teens singing selections from Disney films. But the rest of the visit became memorable for all the wrong reasons and lasted way longer than six seconds.

I checked my Twitter notifications and saw something alarming.

A Twitter user with the handle @zacf*ckoff quickly followed and unfollowed me on the app. This user was using a photo of me as their avatar and essentially posing as me.


"Stop Popping": How I learned to stay creative

10/01/17 11:02pm | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

It has been hard to stay in touch with family and friends as a senior. Nonetheless, like most college students, I always attempt to call home during my off-times.

This past summer, in one of my many phone calls with my mother, she reminded me of a dreaded moment during fourth grade.

The moment is probably nothing for most people but for myself – a self-conscious young man with an obtuse mind – it hurt.

My fourth grade teacher called me out for what he liked to call “popping.”

The only definition of “popping” I recognized growing up was if something looked fresh.


How SpongeBob made us hate capitalism

09/21/17 10:50am | By DAN MCKEON

“SpongeBob SquarePants,” a show that many college-age students could quote in everyday conversation, first introduced an entire generation to societal and economic critiques through a typically leftist perspective. High-level topics, especially by children’s show standards, exposed young viewers to gender theory, socialism, the prison-industrial complex, xenophobia and environmentalism, often through capitalism-critical lenses.


UB administration needs to pay TAs a living stipend

09/20/17 9:52pm | By Editorial Board

The average cost of living for a student living on-campus is over $18,000 and over $21,000 for students who live off-campus. But the average TA stipend is only $13,190, according to the Graduate Student Employees Union.

The UB Living Stipend Movement is circulating a petition requesting a $21,310 minimum TA stipend. This is more than reasonable, especially when considering the financial strength and means of the university.


You’re killin' me, snacks

09/20/17 9:43pm | By MAGGIE WILHELM

Day drinking on your couch, neglecting all school responsibilities, grilling out and eating your weight in chicken wing dip – there's nothing better than NFL Sunday.

Most people don’t think about their health when they’re five beers and two hot dogs deep, but being conscious of what you’re eating and drinking on football Sundays is important.