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Letter from the editor: The Spectrum stands with The Capital Gazette

06/29/18 1:37pm | By HANNAH STEIN

On Thursday afternoon, a gunman broke through the glass at Maryland’s Capital Gazette daily newspaper and killed five reporters. This was a targeted attack, an act of distinct hatred -- a tragic attack on our society.

The five staff members went to work for the sole purpose of serving the public and will not return home to their families, will not return to their duty of telling the stories to the public or live to see justice.


Letter to the editor

11/17/15 2:27pm

We the undersigned faculty members in the Department of Transnational Studies, home of African and African American Studies at UB, would like to raise our voices in support of the position taken by the Black Student Union on the issue of race relations at our university.


Creating a more trans-understanding environment

11/15/15 3:34pm | By TY ADAMS

Transgenderism: When a person’s self-identification doesn’t reflect the biological sex in which they were born and the gender norms that are commonly associated with that sex. We’ve seen the big faces on our TV screens, like Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner, and we’ve heard their stories. But how much do we know about the trans-experience of the greater majority who don’t have the luxury of being a celebrity?



UB President Tripathi: UB committed to inclusive campus

11/15/15 3:30pm

I want to take this opportunity to say once again how vitally important I feel it is to foster a welcoming, safe and inclusive campus climate where all feel respected and valued. This is a core principle for our UB community. But together, we must understand that creating this environment requires constant commitment, dialogue and intellectual engagement on the part of all of us.



Starbucks' red cups should not define your Christmas

11/11/15 12:51am | By MARLEE TUSKES

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays. There’s a magical feeling that comes with the holiday season that doesn’t occur at any other time of year.

As someone who was raised in a Catholic household, for years I went to religious education where other kids and I learned about the history behind our religion, including the history of Christmas.

Not once did I learn that the true meaning of Christmas should be defined by how mega-corporations choose to advertise.


Letter to the editor

11/04/15 11:07pm

In reply to your article “The Buffalo News’ irresponsible coverage of the Heights must end.” I find the unprofessional ones are the Spectrum Editorial Board thinking they have a right to comment on another paper’s writing. Your staff has shown it is not capable of accurately reporting facts, misquoting almost every person you do interview, and additionally sending questions to interviewees via text message. You are students, remember that. You are still learning, and from the articles I have read this semester you need continue to go to class. You do not have the knowledge and the experience to tell professional journalist what is irresponsible. When you all get your paper in order, then, and only then can you even think about commenting on another paper.


Down and dirty

11/03/15 9:20pm | By GABRIELA JULIA

Get your workout playlist poppin’ and grab a yoga matt for an intense home workout that’ll leave you feeling sweaty and satisfied.


The end of Grantland and what the site meant to me as a sports writer

11/02/15 12:11am | By QUENTIN HAYNES

At 14 years old I decided I wanted to enter the world of sports journalism and spend the rest of my life covering sports at the highest levels. And Grantland, ESPN’s sports and pop-culture blog, has given me motivation to continue to pursue that goal and represented the pinnacle of sports writing.

So when ESPN announced on Friday that it was shutting down the site immediately after four years of production, I was crushed.


Are the UB Bulls ready to go bowling?

10/27/15 8:22pm | By QUENTIN HAYNES

Last Saturday’s game against Ohio (5-3, 2-2 Mid-American Conference) is everything you want to see from the Bulls: A good defensive performance, a balanced offensive attack and success in the red zone.

If the Bulls (3-4, 1-2 MAC) are going to make a run toward a six or seven-win season, that type of play needs to be present every game.


A Greek row would improve Greek life and the UB experience

10/27/15 7:35pm | By Editorial Board

Greek rows – fraternity and sorority houses donning letters lined up on one street, making parties larger and the appeal of Greek life greater – can be seen in entertainment and at large universities across the country. That may finally become a reality at UB, with Standard Ascension Tower Group Corporation planning to build a $60 million Greek village near North Campus.


Letter to the editor

10/25/15 12:54pm

Faculty Editorial to the Spectrum 10/16/15

The UB art project incident and follow-up conversations are dichotomized into questions of art versus racism.


Letter to the editor

10/24/15 7:02pm

The UB art project incident and follow-up conversations are dichotomized into questions of art versus racism. But—as others have noted—the project and responses to it seem more like social experimentation. As an education researcher, I’ve been asking myself, “What if Ashley Powell’s art project had been a research experiment?” The research concepts of external review, informed consent, and debriefing—none of which exist in the art world—have helped me interpret the incident and the varied reactions.