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The censure vote was fair, but was the decision just?

11/16/17 1:53am | By SARAH CROWLEY

UB can dismiss a pre-tenure professor without offering a single reason why.

A clause in the professors’ union-negotiated contract upholds this practice; it’s not just a rarely cited, last-resort clause, but rather a policy deans and administrators are specifically advised to follow.


President Satish Tripathi

Letter to the editor: UB President Satish Tripathi sends The Spectrum statement regarding controversial art project and student complaints

09/24/15 9:09pm

September 24, 2015

Dear Students,

Starting last week, our campus community has been deeply affected by the controversial student art project that has sparked considerable response and dialogue across our university.

From my personal conversations with many of you, I know that our students continue to feel deeply hurt, saddened, confused, and angered by the events of the past week.


Enough debt is enough

09/23/15 1:03am | By Editorial Board

There is no real escape from student debt. Forty eight percent of UB students have taken out loans to get through school. Gone are the days when college could be paid for by working a part-time job during the semester. Costs have skyrocketed beyond affordability.


Creating more turnovers could propel UB football to a very successful season

09/22/15 10:23pm | By QUENTIN HAYNES

For the Buffalo football team, I was interested in one area of regression: the turnover margin. The Bulls had just two interceptions all of last season – which seemed unfathomable to me. There are teams in both pro and college that pass the ball more than 50 percent of the time. There were six quarterbacks in college football who threw more than 500 passes last season and 41 threw more than 400 times.


Salty or sweet?: Hot takes on Drake and Future project don’t matter – it’s not that deep

09/22/15 8:23pm | By BRIAN WINDSCHITL

Drake and Future’s most recent project has been out for two days – since its drop, the mixtape has been examined and analyzed from every aspect imaginable. Some common criticisms that have arisen so far: “I thought it was going to be better,” or “It’s not as good as Drake and Future’s old stuff,” and “It didn’t live up to its hype. It’s not that deep.


Too little, too late?: Sustainability efforts at UB seem lackluster

09/20/15 5:53pm | By Editorial Board

On the surface, UB Sustainability seems like a good thing. UB's effort comes across as noble. There's a lingering uncertainty that it's both not enough and a slightly calculated move. Furthermore, these efforts are entirely contingent on the students and faculty. We have to be the change – no outside body can force us to make the changes necessary.


Teaching: not for the faint of heart

09/18/15 2:05am | By Editorial Board

Our country seems to have forgotten this. Teachers have been subjected to intense and often unrealistic scrutiny and recent educational reform has proven unwieldy at best and damaging at worst. Worst of all, we pay teachers a pittance compared to most jobs in the United States.


Wednesday's power outage on UB's South Campus highlights the need for renovation

09/10/15 9:58pm | By Editorial Board

South Campus lost power on Wednesday morning and it wasn’t restored until roughly 3 a.m. Thursday morning. In the meantime, the university twiddled its thumbs for a bit, notified students sitting in darkened classrooms that it would probably be a good idea to go away for a while, threw some bottled water and glow sticks to students living on campus – nothing livens up a power outage like a rave – belatedly canceled evening classes and let everyone know that the problem had been fixed for them in time for classes on Thursday.