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Are the UB Bulls ready to go bowling?

10/27/15 8:22pm | By QUENTIN HAYNES

Last Saturday’s game against Ohio (5-3, 2-2 Mid-American Conference) is everything you want to see from the Bulls: A good defensive performance, a balanced offensive attack and success in the red zone.

If the Bulls (3-4, 1-2 MAC) are going to make a run toward a six or seven-win season, that type of play needs to be present every game.


A Greek row would improve Greek life and the UB experience

10/27/15 7:35pm | By Editorial Board

Greek rows – fraternity and sorority houses donning letters lined up on one street, making parties larger and the appeal of Greek life greater – can be seen in entertainment and at large universities across the country. That may finally become a reality at UB, with Standard Ascension Tower Group Corporation planning to build a $60 million Greek village near North Campus.


Letter to the editor

10/25/15 12:54pm

Faculty Editorial to the Spectrum 10/16/15

The UB art project incident and follow-up conversations are dichotomized into questions of art versus racism.


Letter to the editor

10/24/15 7:02pm

The UB art project incident and follow-up conversations are dichotomized into questions of art versus racism. But—as others have noted—the project and responses to it seem more like social experimentation. As an education researcher, I’ve been asking myself, “What if Ashley Powell’s art project had been a research experiment?” The research concepts of external review, informed consent, and debriefing—none of which exist in the art world—have helped me interpret the incident and the varied reactions.


Let’s chill with the 'Netflix and Chill'

10/23/15 12:51am | By JAMES BATTLE

The Internet, and by extension social media, links humanity together like never before. It has gone beyond sharing information and ideas into a shared, online consciousness thanks to memes and other ideas that were born on social networks.

One of the most recent social phenomena is “Netflix and Chill,” a way for men to ask girls out without actually asking girls out.


Letter to the editor: SA Senate Chair Dillon Smith resigns

10/20/15 9:59pm

I, Dillon Michael Smith, the current serving Senate Chair of the Undergraduate Student Association of the State University of New York at Buffalo, who is acting in sound mind and reason, in order to advert any misrepresentation of the SA government in light of current events, which if perceived incorrectly threaten to tarnish the dignity and impede upon the timely execution of duties of the office of SA Senate Chair, am hereby putting aside any personal interest for the sake of responsible governance and therefore resigning the office of SA Senate Chair effective immediately, 10/20/2015.

Dillon M.


Letter to the editor: SA senator statement on senate chair election controversy

10/19/15 2:33am

Now, looking back on this, I feel that Ms. Khan had to make certain that there was a Senate Chair and I believe she did everything in her power to follow the Constitution as with such that this is an election of the Student Association. Wouldn’t you trust your elected official to make sure that they actually follow the Constitution as best as possible to ensure that all is fair?


Yaser Soliman

Letter to the editor: Yaser Soliman resigns from SA Senate

10/19/15 2:18am

The actions of the SA President on the evening of October 14, 2015 took away the position of Chairman of the Senate from me and changed the outcome of the election. On the morning of October 15, 2015 I had a meeting with Mr. Sorel and Ms. Johnson in which I detailed the grave violations committed and tried to resolve the matter fairly. I asked the SA to resolve this professionally as any Board-of-Elections would handle it, however, they refused to strike the unconstitutional ballot and introduce the suppressed ballot. I submitted a letter attached through email on October 15, 2015 officially notifying the SA of the numerous violations. Other than an email confirming the receipt of the letter, I have not heard anything back.


USC head coach Sarkisian’s drunken behavior raises questions

USC head coach Sarkisian’s drunken behavior raises questions

10/13/15 10:17pm | By Editorial Board

University of Southern California (USC) Athletic Director Pat Haden fired football head coach Steve Sarkisian Monday after putting him on a leave of absence Sunday. While USC has only said Sarkisian was not healthy and was not right during a practice Sunday, it’s becoming clear through media reports that Sarkisian came to the Trojan’s practice intoxicated – and it may not have been the first time.


Tyler Walters food critic

The Search for Thai

10/12/15 2:52pm | By TYLER WALTERS

There’s a saying about two mice stuck in a barrel of cream – one drowns but the other starts kicking and eventually churns the cream into butter.

I can’t imagine that he kicked the whole time – even that hard-working mouse needs a break.