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Gather ye rosebuds

05/10/18 6:59am | By Allison Staebell

In a very real way, I owe everything I have to Aaron Sorkin.

For those of you who don’t know, Aaron Sorkin is a screenwriter and director famous for successes like “The West Wing,” “A Few Good Men” and “The Social Network.” He’s got two Golden Globes, an Oscar and five Emmys but for me, his gift to the world were his two lesser-known shows, “Sports Night” and “The Newsroom.” These shows changed my life.


Why should it matter how many people you’ve slept with?

02/06/16 10:07pm | By Editorial Board

This stereotype seems to hold the most importance in the eyes of college students, as they are young and judgmental. Body count is simply a way to size up another person’s attractiveness. It’s another element of sex that can be easily discussed and spread quickly among groups, which makes it a common yet controversial topic.


Jordan Grossman

Go-to guide on how to bet on Super Bowl 50

02/02/16 11:08pm | By Jordan Grossman

There was an estimated $119 million placed two years ago in Las Vegas sportsbooks, and slightly declined last year to $116 million. The number is expected to stay around that range this Sunday for Super Bowl 50, with another $4 billion in bets coming from illegal bets like Super Bowl boxes and illegal bookmakers all across the country.


Celebrities retain enormous power in the political conversation

02/02/16 3:16pm | By Luke Heuskin

With a sizable portion of the nation tuned into their every utterance, celebrities often use this inexplicable fascination to become activists, transcending their roles as entertainers by lending support to various political issues. The past decade has shown that a celebrity endorsement can be the factor that puts an unsung cause on the map.



I’m a Barbie girl

01/31/16 6:34pm | By MARLEE TUSKES

As I was growing up, Barbie was my favorite toy. I loved the fact that depending on what Barbie I was using, she could transform into anything: a doctor, an astronaut or even a businesswoman. She inspired girls to make them believe they could be anything they wanted to be.

But when some girls played with Barbie, they might not have been able to see themselves when they looked at the doll.


Applications increase can only mean good things for UB

01/31/16 6:31pm | By Editorial Board

This can only be positive for UB – more students and students of a wider range are being drawn to the university. It’s a comment on the university’s success as a whole and how it works to cater the needs of its students. The increase in opportunities that have been presented to students, including the amount of clubs and majors available, can also be accountable for the increase in applications.


Albany incident shows there’s still work to be done on campuses

Albany incident shows there’s still work to be done on campuses

01/31/16 6:29pm | By Editorial Board

Three black female students at SUNY Albany say they were assaulted and harassed on a city bus Friday night by about 10 to 12 white men and women. The students allege their attackers used racial slurs during the attack, which occurred after an argument. The Albany Police Department said it is looking into the incident as a possible hate crime and SUNY Albany President Robert Jones released a statement to the campus that he was “deeply concerned, saddened and angry about this incident and would return to the campus to address the issue.


#OscarsSoWhite – again

01/27/16 5:40pm | By Editorial Board

While there’s debate over whether any black actors deserved nominations, the outrage seems to be geared towards the Idris Elba snub. It appears there weren’t a slew of actors that were ignored for their award-winning performances, but rather there were less to choose from for the nomination. This could be a statement about Hollywood itself, and how fewer opportunities are presented to black actors therefore providing fewer opportunities to win awards.


Protecting or enabling?

12/11/15 12:38am | By Editorial Board

It’s the mindset some parents have when it comes to their adolescent children and drugs like alcohol and marijuana. The feeling is that it’s safer for a child to do drugs in their home and company of their parents, rather than behind their parents’ back without supervision and in an environment they’re unfamiliar with.


President Satish Tripathi

UB President Satish Tripathi gives update on art project policy

12/10/15 5:28pm

President Tripathi: an open letter to UB students

December 10, 2015

Dear Students:

As the semester is quickly coming to a close, I wanted to take a moment to provide our campus community with an update regarding activities related to the continuing dialogues, programs, curricular discussions, and policy development in response to the controversial student art project from earlier this semester.


Not-so-triumphant Trump: Trump’s comments about Muslims have crossed the line

12/09/15 12:54am | By Editorial Board

These outlandish comments aren’t funny anymore. They’re not indicative of Trump’s wild approach to politics. They’re outright offensive and it’s time we take his words more seriously. Masses are supporting his provocative words, defending his position that in reality should never feasibly happen. Trump is encouraging racism and religious intolerance across the United States and putting our country in danger.