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sex column

Come as you are

02/12/18 2:09am | By BRETT ASHLEY

Editorial note: The author’s name has been changed to maintain her anonymity.

In a country where only 24 states mandate sex education in public schools, it's no wonder so many kids get their info from their friends.


Being asexual in a sexual world

02/12/18 2:08am | By DAN MCKEON

I fully realized I was asexual –– having little or no sexual appetite –– the first time I went to a strip club.

My friends decided we should all go to this strip club in North Buffalo one night –– an idea I sighed and went along with. We went in and I nursed a beer for a couple hours while they got lap dances and dropped bills in places you could probably guess. But as I sat there, sipping a room temperature Labatt and taking in the shrine to American sexual desire, it hit me: eh, this whole thing probably isn’t for me.


Learning white privilege

02/05/18 12:32am | By WANLY CHEN

At the 2017 Winter Gala, my date and I were standing in line to have our photos drawn as a caricature. It was a crowded room and there wasn’t a clear cut line for each caricature artist. As our turn approached, we stood next to a couple who also thought it was their turn. After a quick conversation between my date and the couple, my date sat down to have his portrait drawn.


Letter to the editor: White crime, white time

02/05/18 12:30am

In a recent Spectrum story, “Students and Community React to Black’s Sentencing,” we read that former UB Vice President and convicted embezzler Dennis R. Black was sentenced to five years of probation and community service, with no jail time. State Supreme Court Judge John Michalski felt it would be too harsh to send him to state prison. 


How dinner in the dark helped me overcome insecurity

02/01/18 1:29am | By MADDY FOWLER

Nocti Vagus is a pitch black restaurant staffed by blind waiters. It’s a disorienting experience that heightens your other senses and helps you understand what it is like to be blind. I knew it would be a cool experience that would put me out of my comfort zone in the best possible way. What I didn’t expect was how profoundly it would impact me.


Dennis Black should go to prison

02/01/18 1:24am | By Editorial Board

Dennis Black got an insultingly light sentence — a mere $5,000 fine and five years probation although the former vice president admitted to stealing more than $300,000 from UB student and faculty funds.

State Supreme Court Justice John Michalski’s Jan.


It's hard to be a Jew on Christmas

12/07/17 5:01am | By MAX KALNITZ

Growing up, the holiday season awkwardly revolved around Christianity. My siblings and I were some of the only Jewish kids in our school, while the majority of my fellow students celebrated Christmas.

During the holiday season, there were Christmas concerts, photos with Santa Claus, Christmas-themed activities and movies in class. It made sense that my classes emphasized having holiday spirit, but it always bothered me that I never really had a voice to share my own holiday celebrations.  


Is secrecy and corruption UB's new normal?

12/07/17 4:59am | By Editorial Board

For our final paper of 2017, we at The Spectrum want to reflect on our stories –– the stories we kept thinking about weeks after they left the shelf.

As student journalists, we look for trends. We try to understand the way the university works.

And we cannot ignore the recent trend of obfuscation and unanswered questions.


Code blue

12/04/17 2:21am | By MAGGIE WILHELM

As a nursing student, I’ve seen patients at every stage in their lives. I’ve witnessed a mother bring a baby into the world and I’ve taken care of a hospice patient. I’ve taken care of pediatric patients from ages three to 20, and many elderly patients.

I also learned –– very quickly –– that no one is out of death’s reach.


No respect

11/30/17 3:15am | By DANIEL PETRUCCELLI

The Bulls pulled off an incredible upset when they took down the Ohio Bobcats, 31-24 the day after Thanksgiving. The Bobcats were seven-point favorites and I didn’t think the Bulls had a chance against them. But they pulled out the win, collecting their sixth of the season.

The Bulls are now in consideration for their first bowl appearance since 2013.


UB Foundation's investment in fossil fuel is unethical and hypocritical

11/30/17 3:04am | By Editorial Board

Students from the Fossil Free UB campaign have worked tirelessly to call for the foundation’s divestment from fossil fuels. The group passed a resolution in May through the Faculty Senate calling for the foundation to re-invest in clean energy, only to find out two weeks ago an undisclosed portion of the foundation’s more than $1 billion in assets is going directly to fossil fuels.


Hear Me Out: 'Animal Crossing' prepared us for a cruel world

11/30/17 3:00am | By DAN MCKEON

“Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” has accomplished an overnight bloodless coup d’état of phones worldwide. Suddenly, everyone is building campers, making friends with needy dogs and frogs and putting together a campsite in their own image. Friend codes are being thrown out on social media, allowing people to quickly connect and visit other campsites. “Pocket Camp” memes are already a thing and the game’s only been out in the U.S. for just over a week.


10 years in the making

11/20/17 11:16pm | By MAX KALNITZ

Two weeks ago, I eagerly woke up at 3:00 a.m. along with thousands of other people around the world to order what Apple is calling “the future.”

When Apple released the first iPhone 10 years ago, it revolutionized the cellphone industry. The original handset played a large role in the development of the tech industry and has influenced how we communicate today.


F is for family

11/20/17 1:48am | By DAVID TUNIS-GARCIA

My father died from alcoholism in the summer of 2007. I was 12-years old, old enough to remember him kicking a basketball-sized dent into my mom’s Ford Escort when we tried to leave the house one night. Old enough to remember watching him pass out face first into his mashed potatoes.


The censure vote was fair, but was the decision just?

11/16/17 1:53am | By SARAH CROWLEY

UB can dismiss a pre-tenure professor without offering a single reason why.

A clause in the professors’ union-negotiated contract upholds this practice; it’s not just a rarely cited, last-resort clause, but rather a policy deans and administrators are specifically advised to follow.


A bar near South Campus could be good for both students and community, but Main Place isn’t going about it in the right way

11/13/17 10:48am | By Editorial Board

A local businessman wants to open up a bar on Main Street near South Campus. The proposed bar, called Main Place, has sparked controversy. University Heights residents fear the night life destination will cause disruption in their neighborhood. The owner wants to put in black tinted windows, which would violate Buffalo’s Green Code Ordinance. The venue also masqueraded as a restaurant in its liquor license application, which raises ethical concerns. And because the bar will host 18 and up event nights, there are underage drinking concerns.