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DeVos' stance on student loan regulation will hurt grads

03/15/18 2:37am | By Editorial Board

Betsy DeVos thinks states should not impose regulations on student debt collection agencies, many of which have been accused of unfair consumer practices.

In a memo released by the Department of Education on Friday, DeVos said she believes state regulations on debt collection companies are inappropriate and “undermine” federal authority.


Changes to academic integrity policy long overdue

03/12/18 12:56am | By Editorial Board

A faculty committee is recommending changes to UB’s academic integrity policy following a two-year long study that found students and staff think the current academic integrity policy is inconsistent and overly harsh.

The current policy is outlined at length on UB’s website, but the wording is confusing, and specific rules and regulations are not emphasized clearly enough.


The Bulls at-large

03/12/18 12:42am | By THOMAS ZAFONTE

Historically, if you lose in the Mid-American Conference Tournament, your season is done. Every trip Buffalo has taken to the NCAA Tournament has been from winning the conference championship.


Student journalism matters and must be protected

03/07/18 8:32pm | By Editorial Board

Within the past year, The Spectrum broke the news of former UB Vice President Dennis Black’s embezzlement. We reported on the UB Foundation’s investment in fracking, UB cutting four sports teams and revealed that our SA president is not logging sufficient office hours.

Our coverage of international students being poorly integrated prompted the university to conduct a study on how to improve campus life for international students.


Come as you are

03/07/18 8:31pm | By BRETT ASHLEY

Editorial note: The following note contains sensitive information. The author’s name has been changed to protect her anonymity.

About a year ago, sex started to hurt.


Finding my voice again

03/05/18 12:32am | By MADDY FOWLER

My mom says when I was a baby, I used to sing with the birds when I woke up instead of crying.

I’ve sung in choirs since the first grade, and by eighth grade, I had performed with my local symphony orchestra –– something I was doing a few times a year by the time I reached high school.


Girl from Sarajevo

03/01/18 4:19am | By EMA MAKAS

I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1996.

I was a little miracle war baby who made it. I defeated the odds of health complications, my mother's high-risk pregnancy and malnourishment. My family went without food, water and electricity for over four years. This was especially detrimental to my pregnant mother, who prior to having me miscarried twins.


A Korean-American's first trip to Korea

03/01/18 4:14am | By SENOCHI KANG

Paying a visit to my roots is something I’ve wished for my whole life. I always daydreamed about experiencing the culture my ancestors were brought up in.

As a first generation Korean-American, the trip gave me a sense of pride that couldn’t be broken.


Wrap your junk before you bump

02/22/18 5:18am | By MADDY FOWLER

We all know STI protection is important in theory. Unless you went to a high school that preached abstinence only, you’ve likely sat through your fair share of awkward condom demonstrations involving a banana or a cucumber.

But according to a 2016 study by the CDC, only half of sexually active college students use condoms.


A woman in science

02/22/18 5:12am | By KIRSTEN DEAN

There is one aspect of the game, however, that someone can’t learn how to play: the diversity component. More than half of the applications have had whole sections asking how I would add to the diversity of the program, if accepted.


Desire to donate

02/22/18 5:10am | By DANIEL PETRUCCELLI

I came out as a bisexual man in this newspaper just over a year ago. In that time, I have never once been made to feel bad about it by family, friends or any organization.


How a car accident changed my perspective on driving near South Campus

02/19/18 1:16am | By BRIAN EVANS

My first week of the spring semester consisted of 9 a.m. classes, rushed lunches and a totaled car.

The first Tuesday of classes had many snow flurries. Road conditions were awful and I skidded out several times on my way to class, so I was driving slowly and cautiously the entire day.

Despite my efforts to be cautious, the events of the day were out of my control.


For Randi and Billy

02/19/18 1:13am | By BRENTON J. BLANCHET

When I first stepped foot on campus in August 2016, I made a promise to myself: I wouldn’t get a haircut.

But I recently rediscovered a cause I believed in and broke that promise Saturday. No matter how much my friends advised me not to, I knew that getting a cut and donating my hair to a wig-providing charity would mean more than any compliment I could ever get.


Coming out (again) and coming to terms with who I really am

02/12/18 10:04am | By MADDY FOWLER

When I first came out at 18, I told a few close friends I was a lesbian. Some were supportive, others were confused because I’d talked to them about liking boys before — so surely I must be bisexual, they insisted.

Shortly after coming out, I met a boy. He came into my life right after I had been rejected romantically by a girl who had been my best friend. I was vulnerable and lonely. No one, boy or girl, had ever given me a second glance.