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University to hold full-scale active shooter drill

07/31/18 8:45pm | By MAX KALNITZ

UB will hold its annual full-scale “emergency training exercise” in and around Hadley Village on North Campus Wednesday from 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., according to a UB press release.

The university’s emergency management department is teaming up with local, state and federal emergency responders to conduct the active shooter exercise. The drill is designed to ensure coordinated, timely and effective response and recovery in the event of an “active shooter” emergency, according to the press release.


A conversation with Ambassador Susan Rice

03/01/18 1:34am | By BRENTON J. BLANCHET , BRIAN EVANS

As a force in the White House under two administrations, Susan Rice was present for some of the most combative times in modern politics.

Ahead of her Wednesday night appearance at this year’s Distinguished Speaker Series, the former National Security Adviser under the Obama Administration sat down with The Spectrum.

Q: Working for both the Clinton and Obama administrations, can you describe the transition?


UB Council of Advocacy and Leadership addresses student concerns

02/28/18 9:27pm | By ANNA SAVCHENKO

Members of the Council of Advocacy and Leadership met on Wednesday night to discuss student concerns such as rising student fees and the enforcement of UB’s non-smoking policy. COAL is made up of the seven student government presidents, the Student-Wide Judiciary Chief Justice Joe Wolf and chaired by assembly speaker and UB Council student representative Mike Brown.


Clemens Hall elevator in need of repair

02/26/18 12:28pm | By News Desk

An elevator in Clemens Hall is still in need of repair, four months after a pipe ruptured, causing extensive damage to several floors in the building.

Elevators 1 and 2 needed new controls immediately following the flood after being directly hit by water, according to the University Facilities Office.


Comprehensive Fee Waiver due Wednesday

02/26/18 12:28pm | By News Desk

Students have until Wednesday to request a Comprehensive Fee Waiver, which would allow them to opt out of paying some aspects of the comprehensive fee for the Spring 2018 semester.

If eligible, students can be exempt from paying Health Services; Transportation; Campus Life; and Athletics and Recreation Fees. The university proposed a 2.53 percent increase of the Comprehensive Fee for the 2018-2019 academic year.


Healthy changes coming to Buffalo’s East Side

02/26/18 2:17am | By MAX KALNITZ

Buffalo residents in a neighborhood dubbed a “food desert” will have healthier and affordable options to choose from thanks to a new partnership between the private sector, UB and community leaders.

Project Rainfall, a food system social enterprise in Buffalo’s Northland Corridor, was spearheaded by NeuWater and Associates chief executive Rita Hubbard-Robinson.


The social sciences float on

02/22/18 4:58pm | By MAX KALNITZ

The social sciences float on

In Tuesday night’s hypothetical battle between the history, psychology and computer science and engineering departments, students placed the fate of humanity in the power of the human brain.

Clinical associate professor Wendy Quinton earned the psychology department’s first-ever win during the seventh annual Life Raft Debate.


News briefs

02/22/18 5:09am | By News Desk


GRoW to relocate to North Campus

UB’s GRoW Home, which stands for Garden, Relax or Work, will be relocated from its current location on South Campus to the Solar Strand on North Campus.

Seven graduate students in Martha Bohm’s fall studio spent the semester developing a vision for the siting of the GRoW Home. The winning proposal belongs to Zachary McCabe and seeks to “open new opportunities to better connect the UB community to the Solar Strand site via the GRoW Home,” according to UB Now.


SA members question Veloz's work hours

02/22/18 5:06am | By HARUKA KOSUGI

Student Association insiders are questioning if SA President Leslie Veloz has been logging enough hours to merit the $15,000 stipend she receives.

The questions come after the resignation of former SA Vice President Jamersin Redfern. 


News briefs

02/19/18 1:19am | By News Desk

Tops Markets, the Williamsville, New York-based chain, which runs about 170 grocery stores with more than 14,000 employees in the Northeast, is preparing for bankruptcy filings in the coming weeks, according to a Bloomberg News report.

Tops Holdings, the owner of the supermarket chain, has come under fire in recent years for its high level of debt built up through a series of leveraged buyouts.


UB holds Q&A on broad-based fees

02/19/18 1:14am | By SARAH CROWLEY

An open forum on broad-based fee increases marked a visibly tense two and a half hours of back and forth between students and administrators on Thursday. This was the first chance for students to meet in person with fee stewards before the March 7 deadline to send proposals to SUNY.


TA stipends for English Ph.D students to increase over next two years

02/15/18 4:49am | By News Desk

Starting in Fall 2018, average stipends for English Ph.D candidates will increase to an average of $18,000 per year — an increase of $3,000 from current levels.

In three years, the average TA stipend amount will increase to $19,000. By including scholarships and fellowships in the funding package, the “very best” doctoral students will receive funding in the $20,000 range, according to UB Now.