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UB students discuss struggle to pay for textbooks and class materials

09/10/16 12:10pm | By SARAH CROWLEY

Dalia Garcia, a senior environmental design major, changed her major from architecture as a freshman because she could not afford the cost of the materials.

Students majoring in architecture, engineering, media study, art and science must pay unique fees for labs and equipment. These high fees place an extra burden on some students who are already stressed about their academics. Some students, however, are able to find cheaper options for class materials.


UB Student Association club budget breakdown

09/08/16 12:56pm | By ASHLEY INKUMSAH

The Student Association has access to roughly $4 million of UB student money. A large sum of that money is allocated for SA clubs to put on various events throughout the semester.

SA is made up of over 130 clubs. Its $4 million budget is collected through the mandatory student activity fee, which is $104.75 per semester for each UB student.


UB SA announces new ticket policy for Fall Fest

08/29/16 12:15pm | By EVAN GRISLEY

UB students will now have to reserve a Fall Fest ticket online due to the Student Association’s new ticket policy.

SA announced last week that tickets will only be given to undergraduate students and no tickets will be sold to the general public for the Sept. 10 concert. 


Berlin bars still smoking, despite bans

07/26/16 6:52pm | By Rui Xu

Laws enacted in 2007 and 2008 have made smoking illegal in most German bars and restaurants, but – in typical fashion – Berliners have creative ways to skirt the justice system and indulge in their favorite habit. At night, dozens of bars in each of the city’s 12 districts have named themselves “smoking bars.” After 9 p.m., the bars close their curtains, stop serving food and allow customers to smoke inside the bar.


A look at Berlin's art scene

07/26/16 6:41pm | By Cathleen Draper

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, international artists flocked to Berlin, drawn by its allure as a Nazi stronghold turned Cold War capital and by the availability of hundreds of decrepit and abandoned buildings that make perfect artist colonies. Today, more than 20,000 artists live in the city and more than 6,000 of them have galleries representing them, according to Berlin Visitor Center statistics.