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Shedding light: how to tackle Buffalo winter blues

01/24/17 12:43pm | By SARAH CROWLEY

If Buffalo winters leave you feeling unusually tired, hungry, sad or unmotivated, the good news is that you’re not alone. Mood disorders are fairly common and almost 10 percent of adults in the U.S. experience them, according to the National Institute for Mental Health.


UB's BSU celebrates 49th solidarity day

11/08/16 9:06pm | By KENNETH KASHIF THOMAS

On Monday, UB's Black Student Union held their 49th annual Solidarity Day, an event meant to support local black-owned businesses and galvanize black voters beyond the general election into local and state elections. The event was also a celebration of BSU's past as they approach their 50-year anniversary.


What women voters at UB see in Hillary Clinton

11/07/16 12:02pm | By ELIZABETH SILBURN

Alliyah McIntosh believes Hillary Clinton is the best candidate for president and can represent women like no president before.

“She has children of her own,” McIntosh, a junior studying exercise science major, said. “She has a family of her own, she really gets what it’s like to be a woman.”


The voices of female Trump supporters at UB

11/07/16 11:47am | By MALLORY MAILEN

Jennie Gibson said she does not judge Donald Trump’s presidential abilities based on him calling a model “fat” 20 years ago.

Gibson, a sophomore communication major and political science minor, is one woman who will be voting for the Republican presidential candidate on Nov.


No voice, no vote: How international students handle an election they have no say in

11/03/16 1:54pm | By THOMAS ZAFONTE

Hosoo Kim feels his voice in the upcoming presidential election doesn’t matter – not only because he isn’t a U.S. citizen, but because he feels his opinion is rude to his American friends.

“There is some kind of transparent wall between me and my American friends... Maybe it is a wall made by me, but still I respect Americans because I am a visitor here. I will respect the decision because it is not mine to make,” Kim, a junior international student from South Korea, said.


UB students and faculty discuss Barack Obama’s presidency

11/03/16 12:47pm | By MICHAEL AKELSON

Dr. James Battista still remembers the uncertainty he felt watching President Barack Obama give his initial inauguration speech in January 2009.

The first time you’re seeing an African American get sworn in, I think a lot of people were nervous through the whole time,” Battista, a political science associate professor, said. “Is this going to go off without a hitch? Is nobody going to kill him?”


PodKeeper planning: UB alum creates online hub for management

10/26/16 8:02pm | By EVAN GRISLEY

When Steve Sacks became a father, his life was in dire need of organization.

Sacks, a UB graduate, and his wife Nikki also noticed a gap in the market. That’s when they co-founded the PodKeeper app for busy parents and students. PodKeeper is an application to help parents manage family schedules and social groups for their kids but can also be used by students to manage their busy lives. It is not available in the app store, but can be accessed online from a computer, tablet, iPhone or Android and syncs with calendars and emails.


UB students discuss what scares them most about upcoming presidential election

10/20/16 2:05pm | By EVAN GRISLEY

This year, many college students will be able to vote for the first time, yet a large number are steering away from the voting booths because of their fears regarding each candidate. Twenty-five percent of Americans have unfavorable views of both Clinton and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, according to a recent study by Gallup, an analytic service. Only 11 percent of Americans had unfavorable views in 2012 when President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were running.


Adventure time: UB Alumni run Niagara Falls Adventure Park

10/06/16 1:37pm | By KENNETH KASHIF THOMAS

Zip lining down 350 feet or a daredevil jump off a rooftop might be a good way to blow off some steam as schoolwork starts to pile on.

Niagara Falls Adventure Park is the place to go. The park is run by Ryan Lynn, a UB alumnus, and Kevin Santa, a student taking a year off. The park, located at 427 First Street, Niagara Falls, has three attractions for thrill-seekers: zip lining, rope-courses and Daredevil jumping.


Quality in question: Buffalo landlord is linked to multiple housing code violations in University Heights

10/05/16 9:30pm | By EVAN GRISLEY

Four UB students stood in Buffalo Housing Court and called out their University Heights landlord, Jeremy Dunn, for not fixing problems in his houses.

Dunn owns close to 50 properties in the area around South Campus and UB students have complained for years that many of his homes violate safety codes. The University Heights Collaborative and Off-Campus Student Services, have each issued warnings about Dunn.

Dunn insists he is not a negligent landlord and denies that his homes are unsafe.


Best nightlife in Buffalo

09/29/16 12:22pm | By Jimmy Corra

Dressing up and traveling to one of Buffalo’s vibrant bars or nightclubs can be an occasional occurrence or a weekly staple for some students.

There is a wide variety, from outdoor dance clubs to pubs with U.S. history trivia. For students who are at least 21 years old, here are the top four bars in Buffalo:


A spotlight on Buffalo’s biggest and oldest gay nightclub

09/28/16 7:10pm | By CARLOS LEYTE

Friday and Saturday nights are for sipping drinks while watching drag queens dance under Marcella’s purple lights.

Club Marcella is the oldest and largest gay nightclub in Western New York and has served its patrons for 22 years. The club is located on Pearl Street right off of Chippewa Street in the heart of Downtown Buffalo. Doors are open every Friday and Saturday night to everyone 18 and older with proper ID.