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UB's women in STEM summit helps women navigate workplace

04/07/17 1:15pm | By SARAH CROWLEY

Katie Sember thinks twice before saying something too “assertive” or using a tone that might be seen as “intimidating.”

After two years of working as an engineer for local company Liazon, Sember is used to navigating the engineering workforce. She said she always keeps in mind that the rules for her are slightly different. Sember said she takes any chance she gets to attend a conference aimed toward women in the workplace.


Housing gripes: a Q&A with UB Campus Living

03/30/17 12:05pm | By ANDREW FITZGERALD

Hadley Houck received her housing appointment and noticed that the one-hour window she was assigned to fell in the middle of her class.

Frustrated, Houck realized that as soon as she would be able to choose her housing for next year, a new wave of students would begin their selection process, cutting her off from some options she was interested in.


University Heights welcomes new coffee shop, Grateful Grind Coffee

03/21/17 11:09am | By DANA CASULLO

Beetroot lattes. Nitro-infused coffee. Tacos.

After working for 20 years as a coach and mentor, Angela Kunz is looking to shake things up with her new coffee shop, Grateful Grind Coffee.

Kunz constantly told people to live their lives to the fullest when she worked for the non-profit organization, People Inc. She couldn’t help but wonder if she was doing the same for herself.

Kunz took her own advice and fulfilled a dream she’d long wondered if she would ever get around to.


BrainGo! offers students a natural energy boost

03/13/17 2:34pm | By LINDSAY GILDER

Mikael Holcombe-Scali brought BrainGo! to UB last fall when he distributed over 500 samples in the Student Union. Scali, a senior business management major, is the brand manager for BrainGo!, his godfather’s company. Apart from the product’s bitter taste, students who have used it so far report feeling energized and more focused.


Park by Karma: UB students create app to solve parking problems

03/10/17 11:26am | By SARAH CROWLEY

Patrick Kearney’s lunch break was never long enough.

He had one hour to drive from his full-time sales representative job to his software engineering class and no time to play the “parking game.”

That’s when he decided he needed to solve the parking problem.

Kearney, a nontraditional student in computer science, teamed up with senior computer science majors Jaskirat Singh and Andrew Mingola last fall to create an app that would allow students to park without having to “stalk” students to their car or circle parking lots.


UB students create storage company to solve summer storage dilemmas

03/05/17 7:08pm | By LINDSAY GILDER

In the fall of 2016, Kuruvilla, a junior financial analysis and marketing major, teamed up with Kittikawin Cheecharern, a senior communications major, to create a new company called Storbnb. The website is a platform for students to rent or lease empty space for storage. Students can earn money by renting out their space and renters can store their belongings cheaply. The team also hopes its website will foster a sense of community by allowing people to rent from their neighbors instead of traditional storage facilities.


Muslim UB students react to Trump’s travel ban

02/02/17 2:41am | By SARAH CROWLEY

Since President Donald Trump issued an executive order banning travel from seven Muslim nations, protests have broken out in airports around the world. Green-card holders who live, teach, work, or attend school in the U.S. have been detained at airports and border crossings.


Shedding light: how to tackle Buffalo winter blues

01/24/17 12:43pm | By SARAH CROWLEY

If Buffalo winters leave you feeling unusually tired, hungry, sad or unmotivated, the good news is that you’re not alone. Mood disorders are fairly common and almost 10 percent of adults in the U.S. experience them, according to the National Institute for Mental Health.


UB's BSU celebrates 49th solidarity day

11/08/16 9:06pm | By KENNETH KASHIF THOMAS

On Monday, UB's Black Student Union held their 49th annual Solidarity Day, an event meant to support local black-owned businesses and galvanize black voters beyond the general election into local and state elections. The event was also a celebration of BSU's past as they approach their 50-year anniversary.


What women voters at UB see in Hillary Clinton

11/07/16 12:02pm | By ELIZABETH SILBURN

Alliyah McIntosh believes Hillary Clinton is the best candidate for president and can represent women like no president before.

“She has children of her own,” McIntosh, a junior studying exercise science major, said. “She has a family of her own, she really gets what it’s like to be a woman.”


The voices of female Trump supporters at UB

11/07/16 11:47am | By MALLORY MAILEN

Jennie Gibson said she does not judge Donald Trump’s presidential abilities based on him calling a model “fat” 20 years ago.

Gibson, a sophomore communication major and political science minor, is one woman who will be voting for the Republican presidential candidate on Nov.