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Starting up the start-ups

07/05/18 6:11pm | By KIRSTEN DEAN

Benjamin Corbett started out his collegiate career at the University at Pittsburgh in 2015. He planned on joining the university’s ROTC program to give back to the community, but officials discovered a scar on his back.


A New Sound: Trebel innovates online music sharing

09/23/15 2:12am | By TORI ROSEMAN

Trebel, a new app that like Spotify and Pandora, allows users to listen to catalogs full of music but is exclusively for college students. With 3,000 colleges and 30,000 high schools in the United States, the app plans to start at large schools and move down into high schools.


UB Step Troupe keeps on stepping

09/20/15 4:56pm | By TY ADAMS

Resilient is the best way to describe the UB Step Troupe (UBST). Despite reputation and miscommunication problems that caused its membership to drop from the largest club on campus to a much smaller group, UBST celebrates its 23rd year of performing and competing.


UB's Table Tennis Club bounces back

09/20/15 4:45pm | By JOHN JACOBS

UB's Table Tennis Club, which plays table tennis in Alumni Arena, is now looking to participate in the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association’s (NCTTA) upcoming tournament at Cornell University. The UB team hopes doing so would put the group back on track to where they were before they were derecognized.


Tuesday Morning thrift store

Buffalo Thrift Store guide

09/18/15 1:25am | By SOPHIA MCKEONE

You want to look like $1 million – but only have four dollars in your bank account.

Even though you dragged your entire wardrobe from home to school, there’s never anything to wear.


Alumni Arena pool

UB students dive into jobs as on-campus lifeguards

09/17/15 9:15pm | By DANI GUGLIELMO

Not every job at UB requires experience with food or customer service. There are 86 students and three recent alumni who serve as lifeguards at UB, according to Nathan Bourke, the aquatics director. Currently, 27 students are on the waiting list to be hired for next semester and need to take a lifeguard assessment.


UB students get free ride for Presidential Scholarship

09/15/15 10:49pm | By TORI ROSEMAN

It’s the ideal situation: four years of undergraduate tuition at a state school, completely paid for.

When Michael Fiorica, a junior English major, applied for the Presidential Scholarship, he was under the assumption that if his grades were good enough, he’d automatically get the scholarship.


Jonny the Master Barber

Jonny the master barber

09/13/15 4:13pm | By DANI GUGLIELMO

Palmeri ran a business out of his garage until word got out about the “master barber.” For four years, Palmeri’s barbershop Jonny the Barber was located on Main Street in Williamsville. Due to the shop’s growing popularity, he opened a new location on Delaware Street in Tonawanda three months ago.


Around town: Festivals, food, art and more

09/08/15 8:55pm | By TORI ROSEMAN

Downtown Buffalo can often go unappreciated by students who have a hard time getting there without a car. Fortunately, there are buses and trains that offer rides back and forth, giving students an opportunity to explore another side of Buffalo. While the weather is still nice, a weekend adventure around the town is easy – as long as you know where to go.


Former UB student opens Eddie's Chophouse near South Campus

09/02/15 12:12am | By DANI GUGLIELMO

Eddie’s Chophouse opened on Main Street near South Campus on July 13 in what used to be Slice of Italy. The restaurant offers Chinese barbecue, a style of Chinese cuisine that is a collection of roasted meats that are hung in a Chinese smoker rather than an oven. The chicken and duck both have bones and are chopped before serving.


An introduction to UB’s Greek Life

08/03/15 11:34am | By DANI GUGLIELMO

Two percent of men and two percent of women join Greek life at UB, according to College Board. These organizations participate in philanthropy events, nightlife and provide students with support throughout your college experience.


Top places to eat near UB’s campuses

07/26/15 5:32pm | By DANI GUGLIELMO

Buffalo is known for having some pretty great food. In February, National Geographic named Buffalo as the third-best food city in the world, largely because of its world-renowned chicken wings. Between downtown Buffalo, Amherst and the South Campus area, Buffalo has a variety of places to go to if you want to go out to eat.