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Shortage of tickets for Winter Gala

12/04/17 2:27am | By WANLY CHEN

Student Association’s Winter Gala has been an eagerly anticipated event for UB students since the tradition began in 2001, but many students will be unable to attend this year after the 800 tickets to the event sold out within two days.

Students shared their frustration about the sold out event, citing conflicting work and class schedules as reasons for their inability to purchase tickets in time, while SA representatives ­­–– who are able to reserve and purchase tickets at a discouned rate ­­–– believe nothing can be done to improve the system.

The Gala, reminiscent of a high school prom and hosted at Samuel's Grande Manor on the Saturday after the last day of classes, invites hundreds of students to dress up in their best formal wear for a classy night of entertainment.

Tickets are sold for $30 at the SBI office on North Campus and at Harriman Hall on South Campus.


Type is Right

Your type is right

04/14/15 5:52pm | By SOPHIA MCKEONE

Last Wednesday, Swierski and her advanced public relations class, COM 453, held an event aimed at helping current and future patients waiting for organ donations. Since 2009, UNYTS has sponsored an event hosted by Swierski’s class to raise awareness about the need for organ and blood donors.


Cover a Mile in her Scarf

UB students 'Ask a Muslim Woman'

04/12/15 5:36pm | By DANI GUGLIELMO

On Friday, The Muslim Women’s Council held “Ask a Muslim Woman” in order to inform students about the Muslim culture and religion. This gave students an opportunity to understand Muslim beliefs and ask them questions.


Summer internships

UB students and faculty talk about the importance of internships

04/02/15 7:13pm | By SOPHIA MCKEONE

About 56 percent of recent graduates who did not have an internship during college have full-time jobs in their field, according to a survey conducted by Gallup and Purdue University. But the survey found 71 percent of students who did have an internship have full-time jobs in their field. Because of statistics like these, UB professors and faculty in Career Services stress the importance of students landing internships as a first step to working in their desired field.



UB students organize strike with Fight for $15 to raise minimum wage

03/26/15 11:23pm | By SAMANTHA BRENNER

In the Student Union Flag Room on Wednesday, Frieh and Joel Inbody, a graduate sociology student, and a D’Youville student spoke at the panel. They discussed the workers’ right to unionize without backlash from managers and owners, the working conditions in fast food restaurants, cruel and exploitative managers and the struggles people face living on the current minimum wage – $8.75 in New York State.


UB students share their experience with UB’s dorm lottery

03/24/15 10:24pm | By DANI GUGLIELMO

Some schools let students pick their rooms based on when they submit their deposit, but not UB. As an attempt to avoid a lack of housing and to assign on-campus housing to students, UB Campus Living has created a lottery system that randomly assigns students reservation numbers based on how many semesters they’ve spent living on campus.


Building Buffalo through ‘Prosperity’ scholarship

03/12/15 6:45pm | By DANI GUGLIELMO

Juweria Dahir, a senior sociology major, moved from Mogadishu to Britain in 2002 to escape the sectarian violence in Somalia.

Dahir now promises to serve the refugee women in Buffalo and continue empowering women.

The Prentice Family Foundation created the Western New York Prosperity Scholarship Program for “entrepreneurial civic-minded students” like Dahir, according to a 2013 UB Graduate School news and events article.


Students in UB's Haiti Medical Mission save lives in Haiti

03/10/15 9:51pm | By SOPHIA MCKEONE

UB’s Haiti Medical Mission is working to prevent the problems that arise when people don’t have access to health care from increasing. The mission is a five-day medical clinic in Fontaine, Haiti. It’s conducted and fundraised by UB’s first-year medical students through the Friends of Fontaine organization that is dedicated to supporting community-based development in Haiti.