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Sex machina

02/12/18 2:09am | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

The days of making love to sex dolls that are no better than inflatable pool toys are over. In 2018, sex dolls can love you right back and ask you about your day.


New year, new cups

02/08/18 8:32pm | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

In January, Campus Dining & Shops (CDS) introduced a new plastic version of their previous paper-based cups. The change, according to CDS, was made to change the cups “in terms of both integrity and ability to be recycled,” with the new plastic cups being both recyclable and reusable.


Around town: Winter activities


As usual, the weather is becoming unbearable. If you’re looking to warm up your spirits and get in fully frigid winter mode, check out some of what Buffalo has to offer this month.

WEDI Winterfest

The Atrium @ Rich’s, 1 Robert Rich Way

Feb. 9, 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The West Side will be walking in a winter wonderland this weekend. This 10th annual edition of Winterfest is equipped with food from Rich Products alongside offerings from the West Side Bazaar.


Helping hands in Buffalo

02/05/18 12:36am | By WANLY CHEN

Different from a tropical spring break destination, alternative breaks give students opportunities to provide domestic or international outreach to communities with social issues. These breaks emphasize the important role volunteers play in communities.


Building bridges

02/05/18 12:22am | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

After the ongoing Syrian civil war began earlier this decade, UB alum Ayla Abiad wasn’t sure how to help.

Born in Syria, she had no control in going back home.

She felt handcuffed.

Abiad began volunteering at Buffalo’s International Institute and began seeing Syrian families coming into the resettlement agency. She began introducing herself to families and not long after started receiving messages asking for help.


Commuting during winter

02/01/18 1:29am | By ERIK TINGUE

As the spring semester begins, a number of commuters are already concerned about the weather being a burden to their education at UB. Sixty-two percent of undergraduate students commute to UB, according to the Office of Institutional Analysis from Fall 2016.


Hallwalls honors late artist, UB professor Tony Conrad

02/01/18 1:26am | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

On Jan. 23, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center brought a number of Conrad’s archived works to over 100 attendees at their opening honoring the late artist. “Tony Conrad @ Hallwalls” –– a selection of footage dating back to 1977 –– is full of interview clips, compositions and stills from the artist.


Shortage of tickets for Winter Gala

12/04/17 2:27am | By WANLY CHEN

Student Association’s Winter Gala has been an eagerly anticipated event for UB students since the tradition began in 2001, but many students will be unable to attend this year after the 800 tickets to the event sold out within two days.

Students shared their frustration about the sold out event, citing conflicting work and class schedules as reasons for their inability to purchase tickets in time, while SA representatives ­­–– who are able to reserve and purchase tickets at a discouned rate ­­–– believe nothing can be done to improve the system.

The Gala, reminiscent of a high school prom and hosted at Samuel's Grande Manor on the Saturday after the last day of classes, invites hundreds of students to dress up in their best formal wear for a classy night of entertainment.

Tickets are sold for $30 at the SBI office on North Campus and at Harriman Hall on South Campus.


‘Who you gonna call?’ Stressbusters

11/20/17 2:25am | By SENOCHI KANG

With finals just around the corner, overwhelmed students are finding peaceful ways to unwind through stress relieving workshops on campus.

Every week, UB’s Wellness Education Services hold “Stressbusters” an event that provides students with a five-minute back rub and stress reduction techniques. Wellness Education Services holds 26 stress relief events throughout the course of the semester that take place across UB’s North and South Campuses.


Call it a 'Daly'

11/16/17 2:06am | By DANA CASULLO

Robert Daly has worked at an amusement park, a chemical factory, farms, loading docks and a limestone mine. For Daly, none of these jobs compare to the feeling of teaching.

But after 44 years at UB, Daly is retiring.


Pinacle awards

Spectrum editors win national collegiate journalism awards

11/02/17 12:20pm | By MAX KALNITZ

Two stories from The Spectrum received national awards from distinguished collegiate journalism organizations.

The College Media Association (CMA) awarded former managing editor Tori Roseman and former senior sports editor Michael Akelson with Pinnacle Awards, each for a story they published during the spring 2017 semester.


Floody hell: Three weeks on from the flood in UB's Clemens Hall

11/02/17 11:42am | By MAX KALNITZ

Repairs throughout the first four floors of the building are wrapping up, but some damage cannot be repaired with new drywall and ceiling panels. UB spokesperson John Della Contrada could not confirm the cost or extent of the damage done to the building. He is hopeful to have an accurate dollar figure in the coming days.


Around town: Bookstores of Buffalo

10/26/17 10:44am | By LINDSAY GILDER

With Kindles, Nooks, e-readers and digitized articles, many people have moved on from reading hard copies. For those who still appreciate the feeling of paper between your fingers or the smell of a good old book, these stores offer a selection perfect for a relaxing day of reading.