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Spectrum’s recap of 59th Grammy Awards


On a night full of fair performances, the Grammy Awards took a political turn toward when A Tribe Called Quest took a stand against President Donald Trump.

The hip-hop group, joined by Grammy-nominated singer Anderson.Paak, began their performance on Sunday night with a medley of classic hits. After a pleasant mixture of hip-hop, legendary rapper Busta Rhymes joined the performers with a mission to shut the show down.


Oscars 2016

Oscar winners and presenters use platform to discuss larger issues

03/02/16 8:54am | By Max Kalnitz

From host Chris Rock’s opening monologue about the lack of black nominees, all the way to “Spotlight” producer Michael Sugar’s plea for the Vatican to end child sexual abuse during the final acceptance speech of the night, Sunday’s Oscars left people talking about more than just Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning Best Actor or “Mad Max” taking home six awards.


UB students weigh in on the Oscars

02/24/16 1:36pm | By EVAN GRISLEY

It’s almost here: The night movie buffs and DiCaprio fans have been waiting for.

This Sunday marks the 88th Academy Awards and for the past month, the media has been trying to answer the question, “Who is going to win?” “The Revenant” is up for best picture, DiCaprio is up for Best Actor and Brie Larson is in the running for Best Actress.

Many UB students believe that Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in “The Revenant” should be the winner.

“He deserves it after making all those great films.


Zoolander No. 2

'Zoolander No. 2' is an absurd tribute to original

02/18/16 5:30pm | By EVAN GRISLEY

Just when it seemed that Derek and Hansel couldn’t get any more ridiculous, “Zoolander No. 2” proved otherwise.

“Zoolander” fans have been anticipating a sequel since last March, when stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson made an appearance at Paris Fashion Week to announce the follow-up to the 2001 comedy, which debuted in theaters Feb. 12.


Young Thug album review

Another Young Thug album no one can understand

02/18/16 5:27pm | By ALEXANDER BLUM

While songs featuring dark, moody beats with empty bars and a boring sound are popular, Young Thug keeps recycling material with only slight alterations.

Listening to this mixtape is like watching the same scene over and over, with director trying to pass off the same scenes with dialogue and delivery changed slightly.


UB Glee sets a new tone

02/17/16 12:47am | By KENNETH KASHIF THOMAS

Starting only eight years ago, the UB Glee is in a transitionary stage. Last year, with a brand new executive board, the club made many important decisions regarding events, trips and overall policy. The club focused on making its event schedule more manageable. While UB Glee traditionally held two events per semester, the club has decided to cut down to one per year, to take place before finals week, according to Events Coordinator Nabil Faisullah