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'One Punch Man' spoofs anime

11/11/15 1:46am | By KENNETH KASHIF THOMAS

Whether it was “Dragon Ball Z,” “Naruto” or another cult favorite running on Adult Swim during its prime, viewers have flocked to the TV to see the latest in anime. Recently aired “One Punch Man,” based off the manga of the same name, takes aspects from your favorite animes and makes it obvious how ridiculously cliché they are.


UB students use smartphone applications to organize workouts

11/03/15 6:58pm | By Tomas Olivier

Whether it’s the first time you’ve set foot in the gym or the third gym session that day, in the age of the smartphone anyone can get fit the hi-tech way using any of the hundreds of apps at your fingertips. Apps like Nike Running +, Map My Run, My Fitness Pal and Eat, Lift, Sleep have revolutionized how people personalize their fitness experience.