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April movie preview

03/29/16 3:35pm | By MAX KALNITZ

April is set to be a huge month for new movie releases. With films like “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and “Zootopia” already out, there are many promising new films premiering this weekend and throughout the rest of April.


UB students answer who will win in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

03/24/16 7:06pm | By David Tunis-Garcis

“Who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman?” is a question that has fueled many fan debates over the years. In their nearly 80-year history, the Dark Knight Detective and the Last Son of Krypton have faced off on more than one occasion, often with varying results due to their ideological differences and reoccurring instances of brainwashing at the hands of one villain or another.


Noisy neighbors

The blight of the boisterous neighbor

03/24/16 6:33pm | By Luke Heuskin

No one wants to look like the party pooper and bang on your neighbor’s door asking them to stop partying – but sometimes enough is enough.

For Valentina Valentine, hearing loud screaming and partying into the wee hours of the morning got old quick, especially with morning classes.


UB Spring Fest lineup of The Chainsmokers, Mac Miller, Coleman Hell and Icona Pop confirmed after Ticketmaster leak

03/21/16 4:24pm | By BRIAN WINDSCHITL

EDM duo The Chainsmokers will headline this year's upcoming Spring Fest. Pittsburgh-based rapper Mac Miller, indie pop artist Coleman Hell and a yet-to-be named artist will also perform for Spring Fest, which will be held at Alumni Arena on Saturday, April 23.

After The Spectrum reported Ticketmaster had leaked the artists on its website Monday afternoon, Student Association entertainment director Terese Regan confirmed all three artists. Regan could not reveal the unnamed fourth artist. 


Road trip to Florida playlist

03/10/16 5:44pm | By EVAN GRISLEY

Many students are making their way down to the sandy shores and sunny skies of Florida for Spring Break – quite a few by car, which is a lot of time on the road.

Music is crucial for a long road trip. Depending on your trip you may be going through eight states, and this playlist features artists from each of the states you’ll be going through. This will give you the full experience for a drive down south.


Kendrick Lamar untitled

Untitled Unmastered boasts authenticity

03/08/16 8:07pm | By KENNETH KASHIF THOMAS

Untitled Unmastered dropped Thursday March 3, much to the surprise and joy of hip-hop fans. The project gives a deeper look into both Kendrick Lamar – AKA “Cornrow Kenny” – and To Pimp a Butterfly. The previous album was already painfully aware of the dark side of society and Untitled Unmastered is another trip down the righteous path.