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The Weeknd aims to dazzle

11/30/16 9:03pm | By ANDREW SAFE

Since his debut mixtape in 2011, Abel Tesfaye has created a place for himself among pop music’s most popular stars. The Weeknd has invariably watered down his unique style and replaced it with one more tailored for the radio along his journey to stardom. But that doesn’t mean this album isn’t unique.


The Hypnic Jerks chase stardom on their own terms

11/21/16 9:50am | By MICHAEL AKELSON

Lydia Macaluso was sitting in her Psychology 101 class freshman year when the teacher started lecturing the class about hypnic jerks, an involuntary twitch in your sleep.

“She was like, ‘today we’re gonna talk about hypnic jerks,’ and I said ‘the Hypnic Jerks, wouldn’t that be a great name for a band?’” Lydia said.


From misunderstood to modeling

11/15/16 12:51pm

Growing up, I always felt the need to express myself through the way I dressed.

In the eighth grade, I switched schools and thought it was time for a new look.

I began to wear Air Jordan sneakers and the reactions I got from my classmates made me feel like an absolute king. I kept buying more and more shoes from Plato’s Closet and one pair of shoes turned into a collection.


November movie guide

11/12/16 11:32am | By DAVID TUNIS-GARCIA

A handful of decent-looking movies – none of which look even remotely as scary as the 2016 Presidential Election – are coming out throughout the rest of November and the beginning of December, ranging from a desperate “Harry Potter” spinoff to an attempt to make Disney inclusive again (they’ll still get a lot of hate no matter how hard they tried).


UB students weigh in on seeking political refuge in Canada

11/07/16 11:56am | By BENJAMIN BLANCHET

Dustin Perez has thought about fleeing to Canada after this year’s presidential election.

A senior psychology and business major, Perez favors neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump. He doesn’t feel he would be welcomed in the country if Trump were elected because he is a minority, and doesn’t plan to vote for Clinton because he doesn’t “trust her words.”

Whatever the result, Perez is not the only student who’s considered leaving. The idea of fleeing to Canada has been considered a means of coping with either candidate’s win and it is a possible option for UB students.


Donald Trump is a real-life supervillain

11/07/16 11:52am | By DAVID TUNIS-GARCIA

While many have compared Donald Trump to a cartoon character, they should have said comic book character – in particular, Lex Luthor, supervillain and arch nemesis of Superman who in the comics launches a successful bid for the US presidency despite his past misdeeds.


Social structure: UB students discuss where they get their election news

11/07/16 11:50am | By MAX KALNITZ

The 2016 election has been extremely reliant on the media to address candidate platforms as well as campaign slip-ups.

From leaked emails showing government cover-ups to scandalous tapes released, each candidate has had his or her campaign and poll popularity affected by the media.

Millennials and college students in general make up an important number of voters this year.