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Letter to the Editor

A gift of hope: believing in oneself

Published: Sunday, February 10, 2013

Updated: Sunday, February 10, 2013 15:02

Believe in yourself. Seize the present day and take hold of your future. Through everything in life, every goal you set, every trial you go through, you must not let your doubts get to you. Believing in yourself to get over the lumps of life, especially in college, is a must because without believing in yourself first, how can you get others to believe in you?

Being confident and overcoming the obstacles in life are difficult. This is especially true in college, where sometimes, every day is a fight for some people. Even today, as you read this, you could be having a bad day. You could be wishing you never got out of bed to see with what the day awaited you. How can you inspire yourself to block out the tough times and instead see the bright future you have? How can you lift yourself out of the shadows of despair when all you may see is darkness? How can you be the person you once were? You believe in yourself that you will dig yourself out of this temporary lag in life.

You may ask, “Why should I, of all people, believe in myself?” I would say that you are here today for a reason. You are here on this planet, here in Buffalo, here at UB to make a difference. You are here for a reason. You have a talent that no one may have and, from there, pursue that talent so as to advance yourself in the world.

You may ask, “How can I have such a talent?” I would say there is always something that makes an individual unique. There is always something in the depth of the person’s heart that makes him/her burn to be great. Find that special yearning. Find that special talent because it can and it will be used for greatness! By looking within yourself, you can find your true strength and endure the obstacles that may seem immovable. I believe that is the true genius of believing in yourself.

Believe in yourself. You have promise. You do have hope! Promote peace; promote love! With promising to love others, to love all people, you may find people who, in turn, encourage you to chase after your dreams. They can feed you the optimism in your life that you have always craved. They can give you the attention you have always wanted but never received. Something better awaits you as long as you keep dreaming and believing in yourself.

You may ask what I believe. I believe that no matter who you are, what you do or do not believe in, what your record is, or where you came from, you have a chance for greatness and potential to accomplish many things. You, today, have a chance to affect someone’s life. Turn cynicism into optimism, dislike to love, confinement of emotions into freedom of expression, and shyness to beautiful audacity!

Fulfill your promise. Believe in yourself and in others encouraging you to make something out of yourself to better this world. There is so much hope in this world because there are billions of world changers who have the opportunity to birth something amazing. You and I are just two out of billions of people on this planet. Although we are minute people in a humongous world, we have the chance to change history and transform lives. Believe in yourself and anything and everything is a possibility.

Believing in yourself is certainly not something everyone does, but once you genuinely do, amazing things occur that you never imagined yourself doing. Have faith because you can do it. Keep moving forward and chase your dreams because, with faith in who you are, you can accomplish your goals. Stay driven and stay humble. After you have worked hard and become victorious, instill that same work ethic and belief in others. Extend your hand, your heart, and your spirit to those who need it most. They will then see you and you will become their example of believing in oneself. And before you know it, not only have you transformed someone’s life, but you have changed the world.

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