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Hair Down There

Life Editor

Published: Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Updated: Monday, November 5, 2012 20:11

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            Once a child hits puberty, whether it’s at the age of 12 or 17, he or she is bound to notice many bodily changes. Girls are welcomed with body odor, acne, breasts, and a bloody week each month for the next 40ish years. Boys are greeted with a voice change, morning wood, and testicular enlargement.

            The most frightening of all, though, is usually the hairy situation that they discover growing not only in their armpits and on their faces, but down near their privates.

            Once these blossoming children finally accept the fact that the mass of hair on their bodies is permanent, they must start making decisions about what they want to do about it.

            Some make the decision to take the natural route and let their pubic hair grow as long and luscious as it wishes to. Others feel it’s best to remove the jungle as quickly as possible for personal hygiene and contentment, and once a certain age is reached, for the satisfaction of sexual partners.

            Preferences about a girl’s vaginal hair differ with guys. According to a recent study on, 48 percent of men prefer their woman to be completely hair-free, 29 percent like the natural look and feel, 16 percent enjoy a small patch of hair, and 7 percent say they want their woman to have more hair than is considered “natural.”

            Girls that are completely shaved often have that 12-year-old-girl feel to them, according to many boys. This causes the male sexual partner to feel like a pedophile and to feel as if he’s not getting down and dirty with a woman, but rather with a little girl. If your man is one of those, instead of removing it all keep a little bit of fur to the point where you can wear your underwear without having small curls popping out of the sides, but you still don’t have that adolescent-looking vagina.

            If he wants your vagina to be hair-free, you know how rough the razor burn bumps get. You also probably understand what it’s like to be so itchy at such inconvenient times, leaving you in an attempt to scratch your vagina during class without anybody noticing. If you’re too scared to get a Brazilian wax – because having the woman at the salon ask you to spread your legs as she pours hot wax on your vaginal lips can be just as awkward as sneaking a scratch during class – then use conditioner instead of shaving cream while you razor away the hair.

            If you’re not too scared to get a Brazilian then get on that. You might get uncomfortable here and there when you’re asked to hold parts of your skin for an easier wax, or when you realize that you have hair on parts of your vagina that you didn’t know existed, but when you’re done and the soothing lotion is applied you’ll feel a lot more confident rocking that thong in front of your man or that bikini on the beach.

            After getting a wax you are less likely to have any rash or irritation on the skin than you would after shaving, and the hair grows back a lot more slowly so you’re smooth for several weeks rather than several days.

            When boys shave, their penises tend to look like naked mole rats.

            Don’t pull that random, “maybe I’ll surprise her and shave today,” on your girlfriend because she’s just going to be confused if she’s used to a hairy bush and then is saluted with a microphone-looking ding dong. 

            This is something you should talk about. While it’s obvious that most girls get rid of their hair down there, mostly for sanitary and odor reasons, guys tend to only trim, leaving their bushes present yet tamed. Girls – if you prefer for the hair surrounding a penis to be completely shaved it’s crucial that you let your guy know because there’s no way he can read your mind.

            It’s perfectly normal to prefer a hair-free penis.

            “I like the hair all off,” said an anonymous female UB student. “I’m not a fan of hairy balls, if you know what I mean.”

            Oftentimes while giving oral sex to your partner, it is distracting and nauseating to have his hair graze your face. Making sure he keeps it short or completely gone is important if the hairy look makes you queasy.

            Being open and honest about your pubes is a good idea if you’re serious about your preferences.

            Most of all be safe and be smart, especially when deciding what you want your privates to look like.




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