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A Cycle You’ll Never Forget: Having Sex While She’s Menstruating

Life Editor

Published: Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Updated: Monday, November 5, 2012 20:11


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What are your feelings about period sex?

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It's that time of the month for your girl and that means many unfortunate things: complaints about excruciating cramps, an attitude that makes you wish you could lock her in a room and throw away the key, dealing with her desire to eat everything in sight, and more emotions than Rachel McAdams had in The Notebook.

What it doesn't have to mean, though, is no sexual pleasure.

I know that the thought of your hot dog anywhere near the ketchup oozing out of her sounds nauseating, but there are people that continue to take a quick ride even during menstruation, so there must be some positives to it.

"Having sex during your period may help provide pain relief for menstrual cramps by providing feel-good endorphins that are released during orgasm," according to "Sex during your period could also help to shorten your period by a few days."

In addition, if your girl has trouble getting wet on a normal night, you won't have trouble getting her soaking if you have sex while Aunt Flow is visiting town. The blood is a natural lubricant and it will make the intercourse better for both of you.

If you're the type with the girl that has yet to experience an orgasm, maybe having sex while she's on her period is just what you need. When girls are excreting blood from their baby makers, their hormones are as wild as ever and they tend to be incredibly horny.

If you choose to take this slippery slope into her, just know you're about to make her more wet than the toilet bowl ride at Splish Splash – get ready for the ride of your life.

There are things to take into consideration before doing the dirty while she's "dirty" down there.

"When a woman is bleeding, the chances of spreading STDs, especially AIDS, increase immensely. So always wear a condom if you're going to jump in when her vagina is not user-friendly," according to

Furthermore, if her flow is heavier than the leaking pipe in your bathroom sink, then be sure to put a towel underneath her unless you're looking to dye your sheets red. If the flow is too heavy, I recommend waiting until the last few days of her cycle to avoid excessive leakage.

As fun as it is to have her be your cowgirl for the night, refrain from begging her to get on top of you for this one week each month. The greatest position to avoid so much mess is missionary because when a girl is lying on her back, her flow tends to be lighter. Keep some wet cloths on hand for an easy clean up, keeping her and your little friend guck and smell-free.

Girls – I know this isn't how you'd like to spend your first moments post-sex, but if you care about this guy judging you for the rest of eternity, then take the condom off for him. This way he can avoid making hand-to-blood contact and you don't have to live with the embarrassment if for some reason the smell of your vagina resembles that of a sushi restaurant kitchen.

If blood makes you light-headed and causes you to faint, then do not try this at home. This column is solely directed toward those who aren't afraid of a little mess that Bounty and Tide-to-Go could easily fix, and to those looking to spice up their sex lives with some natural ingredients.

A girl's menstruation cycle is a beautiful thing. Without it she wouldn't be able to have the children that you will someday appreciate, so don't look down upon it. Waiting one week to have sex isn't so difficult, and if you're really not into the downsides of sex while she's on her period, there are other ways you can pleasure each other.

Whatever you choose to do, just be safe, be smart, and be sexual.


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Wed Feb 12 2014 21:39
What the hell is wrong with you

Like, the content is fine. The delivery is completely god-awful and you should be ashamed of yourself. If you weren't the editor there is no way this would have been approved because someone competent would have seen it and said "aw hell naw"

But we don't live in a perfect world, do we.

Tue Nov 19 2013 23:44
Oh come on everybody, take a chill pill for goodness sake. I enjoyed this article and agree with its premise that sex during a woman's period can be a lot of fun. So what she lighted up the tone by using lighter turns of phrase and such; It's a challenging subject to deal with without taking a lighter tack. Y'all need to just get over yourselves. No harm was intended, so why go making a big deal about it? I feel like many of the comments were the ridiculous offspring of our ridiculously over-PC culture. Everyone is so worried about how everything is said and whether it might offend ANYONE that almost nothing can be safely written anymore.

I, for one, am glad this author writes brazenly and with a good sense of humor about important topics like what goes on in the bedroom. Keep it up!

Tue Jul 23 2013 21:20
the fact that you think that beginning paragraph is acceptable is a and people like you are whats wrong in the world, and the worst part is you see no problem in it...I AM SENDING YOU BAD SEX FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE NOW.
Tue Jun 18 2013 20:09
As a former Spectrum writer and editor, I agree with the Anonymous comment above and the one before that. This is funny in the same way as plenty of movies - and it's not that it's badly written, grammatically - but the overall tone is just...meh. Haha, ladybits, haha, boy bits, haha, I don't leave with any sense of having had a frank sexual discussion, but rather with the idea that sex is something to be giggled about quietly or laughed at. I understand wanting to bring humor to a topic, but this reminds me too much of a lazy Onion piece. Aim for parody, not pastiche, if you want more than flash-in-the-pan website hits.

PS, everyone knows it's "Aunt Flo"

Sun Apr 28 2013 12:33
I agree with the shower concept. It helps her with serious cramps, and washes up before you step out of the shower. I think if you love someone you should make them feel better whenever you can. Just turn off the lights if you don't like to see any blood. It is also the only time to cum inside without worrying about a baby :)
Fri Mar 8 2013 20:19
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What Did I Just Read
Sun Oct 28 2012 19:54
Eh....just do it in the shower!
Mon Apr 2 2012 11:24
Why? Just why?
This sophomoric column (the entire series) needs to be put out of its misery.
It drags an already mediocre publication to an even lower level.
Wed Feb 29 2012 23:31
This article promotes so many things that women try very hard not to be labelled with. Your article has always been laughable but this particular publication quite literally makes me ill. You clearly do not have the experience to be writing about such a topic, this is made evident by your childish views on a mature and adult matter. For instance, your comments regarding a typical female menstrual cycle - Lock her in a room and throw away the key? Are you kidding me? "Dealing" with her wanting to eat everything in sight? I feel sorry for you if you spend your time with a man that is not willing to understand that some women may behave differently during their periods (but certainly not all women - this is something you do not seem to comprehend).

Anyways - Why did you think an article like this was a good idea? What purpose did it serve to you, or to any potential readers, for you to write something so childish, sexist, and disgusting? I have never been a fan of what you write but this time it is truly too much. I would advise you to stop writing about a topic you clearly know nothing about, but I'm sure you'd much rather pretend that you actually get some.

Who Let you Write?
Wed Feb 29 2012 01:22
This is freaking gross, stop acting like you get laid you nasty pig.

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