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“The Real World”

We don’t always realize the magnitude of our existence, and we have a tendency to take our time on earth for granted. But reality is now, and we should live now instead of putting it off until later.

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The dark side of Dyngus Day

As floats pass by, buildings remain abandoned in Historic Polonia

Dyngus Day holds a special place in the heart of Buffalo Poles. It rejuvenates Buffalonians’ appreciation of their Polish roots. The streets come alive with parade floats, the smell of cooking kielbasa and the sound of the pussy willows hitting someone on the leg.

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Youth Movement

Young players shine in annual Blue-White scrimmage

Jacob Martinez, Jordan Johnson and Marcus McGill.

The spring game offers many challenges for reporters when it comes to game coverage but the most prevalent is the frantic search through the roster every time there’s an unfamiliar player makes a play. Saturday’s spring game was an extreme exercise in roster scanning.

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Emboldening style in the pursuit of truth

When I consider the things I love about college (and there are many), style emerges among the foremost.

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A different holiday celebration

Celebrating Passover eight hours from home

It’s hard being eight hours from home on the Jewish holidays. Growing up, my family either celebrated important Jewish holidays in Israel with approximately 200 of our other family members, or in our own home with our closest family-friends.

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Mr. Trump, you’re … hired?

Donald Trump’s interest in Bills ownership raises eyebrows and ire

The list of celebrities considering a bid for the Buffalo Bills franchise, which is now on the market after owner Ralph Wilson passed away on March 25, continues to grow. Trump joins singer Jon Bon Jovi, Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, former Bills players Andre Reed and Steve Christie and Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly in considering ownership of the team.

Each name is surrounded by rumor, uncertainty and serious pros and cons – Trump is no exception. 

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Clicking your rights away

Consumer awareness vital in combating corporations’ underhanded legal tactics

The running joke that nobody reads those omnipresent, novel-length “Terms and Conditions” just got a lot less funny. General Mills, the corporate behemoth behind brands like Yoplait and Bisquick and cereals including Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, updated its privacy policy to impose what legal experts call “forced arbitration” on consumers. 

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Low student voter turnout inhibits representation

UB Council student representative election to take place next week

Voting for the UB Council Student Representative opens next week, despite general lack of awareness among students about what the position is or that it is even elected.

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Star athlete accused of rape; botched investigation precludes charges

Report on investigation into Florida State star QB reveals flaws, oversights

An appallingly bungled police investigation and inexcusable Florida State university mishandling of a rape accusation broke into the spotlight Wednesday following a New York Times report.

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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

We are writing to you in response to your article in the March 26 edition of The Spectrum, “UB Emphasizes Importance of Evacuating Dorm Rooms During Fire Drills.” 

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Where are the students?

The University at Buffalo is a flagship university – the largest and most comprehensive campus in the 64-campus State University of New York system, with a student body head count of 29,117 students, of which 19,506 are undergraduates, with approximately 6,000 students living on campus. Full story

Letter to the Editor

Matthew Waldman, a junior environmental design major, writes to The Spectrum regarding CVS' decision to stop selling cigarettes.

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