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SA reflects as fall semester ends

Published: Thursday, December 6, 2012

Updated: Friday, December 7, 2012 00:12


Satsuki Aoi /// The Spectrum


In the wake of the $300,000 scandal in spring 2012, the Student Association, Assembly and Senate have been working together to dispel skepticism brought on by last year’s student government.

Student Association President Travis Nemmer sees great progress between last year’s student government with the Assembly and the Senate.

“Things have gotten a lot better [with working with the Senate], and if you want to look at why, look at how well the Senate and the executive board have been working together,” Nemmer said. “There’ve been no serious crises … the Senate as a whole has come to a consensus on almost every agreement.”

Next semester, Nemmer is hoping to have the new set of internal controls passed, continued record-high involvement from students across campus and a new draft of Student Life’s club policy.

Nemmer is happy with the way the Senate has been working with this year’s e-board and likes that many of the senators are already involved with their own clubs on campus.

“Working with the Senate has been so much better than I could’ve expected,” Nemmer said. “We have very few hold-overs from last year, for starters. By and large, a lot of the senators, actually, almost all of them come from clubs. So now we’ve got good Senators who are looking out for the clubs as a whole as opposed to people who are looking to put things on their resume.”

Nick Johns, a junior finance and political science major and senator, thinks this year’s Senate brings many positive viewpoints they can merge while working with the e-board.

“I think that as a whole, Senate has been much more efficient than last year,” Johns said. “The reform ticket has been really focused on getting the clubs their money on time as well as giving each and every club their time and undivided attention.”

Nemmer also believes this year’s Assembly has been a good group of dedicated members and is happy with the work they’ve been doing so far, especially in regards to the Student Life’s proposed club policy.

Speaker of the Assembly Steven Jackson could not be reached for comment at the time of press.



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