Courage to Change

Frederick Douglass once said “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” Lex, a local college student, opens up about her struggles with Alcohol addiction. In this she dives deep into her past discussing just how low she had fallen. At her lowest, stumbling into an AA meeting at her local church, she found the Courage to Change.
Produced by
Stephen Guetti
Marissa Fielding
Ryan Toner

Two brothers leave the UB Mens Soccer team and explain why

Jeremy and Charlie Norman explian their motives for leaving the UB Mens Soccer team after just one season.

Irene Haupt: A Refuge In Art

Spectrum Doc brings you an intimate profile on Buffalo artist Irene Haupt. Irene discusses the many inspirations she draws from during the creation process, what motivates her as well as what she believes every artist should get out of their own work. Produced By Stephen Guetti Sammy Levine Alex Niman

Spectrum doc: Are you what you eat?

Editor in chief Sara DiNatale follows the diets of two very different students, binge eating half a McDonald's dinner box and cooking alongside an animal-loving vegan.