Why Put a Bumper Sticker on a Ferrari?


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Published: Saturday, January 28, 2012

Updated: Monday, November 5, 2012


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I get it. It's the 21st century. You're cool, you're rebellious, you're cutting edge, you have a point to prove, and you're a woman. Awesome.

Ladies, I know you're at least at the legal age of making your own decisions, but before you decide to get a tattoo, allow me to let you in on a little secret. A secret you may have not fully realized yet thus far in your life. What you must understand is, as women, we are – naturally – beautiful creatures.

Seriously, though. Your body literally has the ability to turn heads. Guys drool over us. We hold some serious power in our hands, because – as corny as this sounds – we hold the world's beauty.

But something girls seem to forget nowadays, or maybe have not been taught, is that women hold the world's class and elegance in their hands, as well. So what's more attractive than a girl with a nice body? I'll tell you what: a girl with class. Looks may not last, but class does. And so do tattoos.

An elegant woman does not vandalize the temple she has been blessed with as her body. She appreciates it. She flaunts it. She's not happy with it? She goes to the gym. She dresses it up in lavish, fun, trendy clothes, enjoying trips to the mall with her girlfriends. She accentuates her legs with high heels. She gets her nails done. She enjoys the finer things in life, all with the body she was blessed with.

But marking it up with ink? That's just not necessary.

I'm not here to say a girl should walk around flaunting her body like it's her job – that's just degrading. Instead of getting a tattoo, a more productive use of your time would be improving and appreciating the body you have been given, not permanently engraving it.

Can you get meaning out of a tattoo? Arguably. If you want to insert ink into your skin as a symbol for something greater than yourself, then maybe you are proving a point to yourself or the rest of the world.

But at the end of the day, are you really a happier person? Has this tattoo, for instance, caused you to learn something new about yourself? Has it challenged you? Has it led you to self-growth? Nothing comes out of getting a tattoo. You get a tattoo, and that's it. You do something productive, though, and you see results. That's a genuine, satisfying change in life. Not ink.

Invest your time, money, and effort into a gym membership, or yoga classes, or new clothes, or experimenting with different hairstyles if you're craving something new with your body, not a tattoo.

I promise, it will be a much more rewarding experience, and you won't find yourself in a rut when your future grandkids ask you what's up with the angel wings on your upper back as you're in the middle of giving them a life lesson on the importance of values and morals.

God knows the last thing this world needs is another generation of kids questioning their basic values and morals.


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Tue Apr 8 2014 12:16
You might not want to put a bumper sticker on your Ferrari, but if you don't paint it, you're going to look like an idiot. Next time, think a metaphor through if you're going to use one. A bumper sticker is not a classy ornament, but plenty of Ferrari owners decorate their cars with aftermarket options. Not all tattoos are elegant or tasteful, but some are. Don't be a hater.
Sun Feb 9 2014 05:39
Seriously?..just nobody really gives a FUCK about your meaningless opinion so please fucking stop telling me and other women how to live our goddamn lives you stupid sexist whore
Tattoo Hater from Colorado
Tue Dec 3 2013 13:07
This whole thing with tattoos has gotten WAY the hell out of hand.

People are like sheep, and 95% of people with tattoos these days are the sheep that I'm talking about, and the rest work in tattoo shops.

Tattoos are passe...meaning, their time is WAY THE HELL PAST, by at least 10 years.

Time to do something original, like maybe not having a tattoo!!! Like maybe REMOVING the ones you have (oh, sorry if you don't have the $50,000 you would need to do that...not my problem). Don't expect to look like uneducated trash and have the world treat you as if you were educated. I always associate excessive tattoos with someone having a personality issue and an education issue, because it's the right attitude to have.

Meanwhile, please don't expect the world not to hire you, not to accept you, not to (fill in the blank) because you made the decision to wear your personality on your neck, on your face, on your arms, hands and everything else visible.

I'm getting rid of the small one I got 30 YEARS AGO. I want to be with the new 'in' crowd, that was the crowd before all this freaking tattoo insanity happened.

Leave it to the kids of these unemployed circus freaks to rebel against them and refuse to be tattooed...that's when I predict this will come to an end.

The culture of the '70s and '80s was a pre-tattoo culture...it was a rebellious culture, but it didn't scar a person for life and make them look like freaks that people wouldn't want to hire in a good paying job (yeah, so what if you can get any low-paying job with a tattooed face). So this isn't about being straight-laced...it's about having a brain and preserving your options in life.

Americans have gotten much stupider...believe it or not, we used to send rockets to the moon, now we can't even tie our shoe laces correctly.

Thu Nov 14 2013 07:48
I'd put a bumper sticker on a Ferarri. My car ,my money, my life, having a tattoo doesn't make me any worse of a person then the next mom. Does not imprint horrible morals to my children.
Sat Sep 28 2013 14:00
I'm a 26 years old woman musician from Panama with a sleeve tattoo and my own business, as much as i don't agree with your article i do respect your opinion, and all i have to say is... try to respect everyone, assuming is never a good idea, we are all different... and that is OK.
Tue Sep 10 2013 14:24
It makes one wonder why you are so critical of other women. By being so judgmental, at the end of the day, are you really a happier person? Has passing judgement on someone else's decisions, her life, her body, caused you to learn something new about yourself? Has it challenged you? Has it led you to self-growth? Nothing good comes out of judgement. You feel smugly superior, and that's it. Why take your own advice do something productive with YOUR life instead of criticizing other women.

Cause lets face it. Honey, no offense, but you aren't a Ferrari. And "naturally beautiful creatures", um, yeah. From your pic I'm guessing you rely more on your personality than natural beauty. And that's fine, but you might want to work on not being so pedantic, judgmental,and shallow. They are ugly, ugly traits, deeper and more repulsive than any tattoo.

Mon Sep 9 2013 20:08
Posted by an ass ugly girl, jealous of other girls ruining their perfect bodies.. what do you guys expect?
Mon Sep 9 2013 16:12
You may have a problem with tattoos but let me tell you it does not make a girl ugly or unattractive; its not vandalizing your body. I have a leg sleeve which you would never know what it meant because you are one of those stuck up snobs that look down on people for tattoos. Guess what that tattoo represents the one person who took care of me my whole life, who supported me, loved me, and took care of me when I was sick. My tattoo is a remembrance when I wake up every day that she may not be here with me anymore but she will always be in my heart and keep my legs motivated in becoming something great in life.

This article and you are a disgrace not only to women but women who are tattooed. Go fuck yourself.

You're Ridiculous
Mon Sep 9 2013 14:53
Just because you don't understand someone's lifestyle or decisions doesn't mean you can lump them into some stereotype that you have assembled for everyone you perceive to be like them.
This, "The body is beautiful, and tattoos are defacing it" idea is very dated. If you don't like how tattoos look, simply don't get them. You can find a perfect, untainted mate and create perfect untainted children together, and live happily ever after on the banner ad for a Christian family lifestyle website.
Personally I find tattoos on girls attractive. It is art, and a visual expression of yourself. I've found that generally girls with tattoos are more interesting. That is my own personal opinion, however, so I likely wont write an article about how any girl who doesn't get a tattoo is missing out on being truly attractive to men.
Ellie Bawden
Mon Sep 9 2013 00:52
Thank you so much for this inspirational piece of writing to young women.

To honor you I will tattoo "we hold the world's beauty." on my tits.

Sun Sep 8 2013 23:07
I don't have a tattoo and don't have any wish to get one. However, I do believe that a person can do what they wish with their own body and I feel that claiming they are classless because of this is stereotyping and pointless. Just because you believe in one specific ideal beauty for women, doesn't mean we all share that same notion. I mean give me a break - fight for things that matter, not how people choose to decorate their bodies.
Sun Sep 8 2013 23:07
So contemplating a permanent mark on my body doesn't make me learn something about myself but getting my nails done will? I'm glad that in 2013 other women are still condemning me for MY choices. The level of sexism coming from this woman is saddening. If you don't like tattoos, don't get one. Problem solved.
Sun Aug 4 2013 23:52
"Nothing makes a woman go from sexy to ugly faster than a tattoo"
Sun Jun 23 2013 19:19
Those who attack this young lady have shown a side of themselves which is uglier than any tattoo they may have. She's a college sophomore who has expressed an opinion. What justifies this vitriol?
David Collin
Fri Jun 14 2013 06:44
I truly enjoyed your article. These people have been manipulated by Hollywood. I think it is sad that so many do not get it . Many are not getting the proper guidance from their schools or their parents. I have read many blogs where people are shocked that they can not get a certain job because of visible tattoos. These INDIVIDUALISTS, can not accept the fact that the hirer has his individuality as well and profits are more important for the high end financial company then the dime a dozen applicant with the tattoos. Women are loved for being feminine and tattoos take that away.
Mon Jun 10 2013 23:31
I have two full sleeves, a large chest piece, a half back piece, and lots of stuff in between... I'm also a college professor. With all my tattoos, I've still got enough class left over to not reduce other women to their physical appearance.
Sun Jun 9 2013 09:03
The girl is right . Tats are just plain ugly and make otherwise beautiful women look trashy. Even when the artwork is actually good, which is quite rare, the tats still makes a lady look trashy. Why anyone would pay to have their skin defaced is not something intelligent people can understand. The is no logic to it. Monkey see, monkey do. The people attacking her are just fools trying to defend the mistake they have made.
Sun Jun 9 2013 00:27
I planned my tattoo for years before I went to get it. It is not the most unique tattoo, but it has a unique meaning to me and my love of poetry. Any future tattoos I get will be tastefully placed, professionally done, and thoroughly planned - just as this one was. The only person that has ever insulted it was someone I knew was a truly ugly and insecure person inside. I am not an ugly person by societal standards, inside or out. In fact, I am considered to be quite attractive. I do not wear alternative clothing or dye my hair neon colors. I did not drop out of high school or get terrible grades in college. I do not have a criminal record. My dreams in the past were to help troubled children in inner-city schools as an educator. If I lack 'class' because of this, I am quite proud of it.
Fri Jun 7 2013 17:05
Tattoos are quick-fix permanent markers of a small soul that desperatly wants to be something more.
The easiest way to make a change in your life is to change your outer appearance, but a scary haircut or a crazy haircolor can do that too, and it will not stick with you for life...
If you randomly selected 100 persons with a tattoo and 100 persons without, and you measured their social class, IQ, EQ and general happiness, it would ofcourse be no significant differences between the groups.
...or would it ?
Fri May 24 2013 14:51
Why put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari???? Seriously, should the type of car matter? If you drive a Ford its OK?
Why put a label on a person with ink? Shame on you, you sexist limited, opinionated wall flower!
Never mind the gym membership, since in your opinion it is classy to judge people you lnow nothing about....Here's an opinion for you.... why don't you get a hair brush, a facial and some contacts? There's nothing lower class than a know it all with blinders on
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