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A life redeemed

After a childhood filled with misery, underdog author fosters his story

Senior Life Editor

Published: Thursday, January 17, 2013

Updated: Thursday, January 17, 2013 18:01


Alexa Strudler /// The Spectrum

Nigel Brown-Ward, a junior applied mathematics major, wrote and self-published his book titled The Life of Me, which is based on the true and inspirational story of his life growing up through the foster care system.

Because Brown-Ward has decided to self-publish his book, he noticed some errors since the initial release. In order to give his books a more polished feel, Brown-Ward has enlisted the help of a professional editor.

He doesn’t think the existing errors have hindered the story and the point he strives to get across. Brown-Ward believes people will understand the meaning of The Life of Me as long as they read without a critical editing lens.

A second version of the story was released with many of the errors fixed. Brown-Ward hopes to eventually take classes and more successfully edit his own work. For now, he doesn’t mind paying someone to help him with the technical aspect as long as he can tell his story.

 Brown-Ward is currently working on editing the sequel to The Life of Me,titled The Unexpected Happy Ending, which continues the story of Anthony’s life, relationships and struggles.

He hopes the ending of Anthony’s story will be available for purchase in early February. When he is completely done with the two books, he hopes to gain the support of a major publishing company and eventually turn the story into a play or a movie.

Until the world hears his message, he and Anthony will continue striving for a life of peace.



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