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The History of The Spectrum

On Friday, November 17, 1950, Jack Keller, Richard C. Wallace and a few other aspiring journalists released the first issue of “The Official Student Publication of the University at Buffalo” to the UB community. The name of the publication was not chosen at the previous Board of Managers meeting, therefore the UB community was given the opportunity to name their student publication.

And it wasn’t nameless for long.

In the December 1, 1950 edition of Keller’s publication, it now had name. The Spectrum was born.

Keller stated, “…after considerable discussion the list was narrowed to The Bull Pen and The Spectrum. When its appropriateness was cited the name The Spectrum was chosen. Webster says a spectrum may be defined as: the series of images formed when a beam of radiant energy is subjected to dispersion and then brought to focus, so that the component waves are arranged in the order of their wave lengths for analysis.”

Since that day, The Spectrum has served as a check on the University at Buffalo and the surrounding area. Journalists that have come and gone have striven to leave no stone unturned, providing quality journalism to a community that deserves it.

Students that have been in the numerous offices that The Spectrum have called home have been a part of history. They’ve covered presidential elections. They’ve covered riots. They covered the tragic crash of Continental Connection Flight #3407. They’ve uncovered stories that needed to be addressed. They’ve given a voice to the silent.

Today, while the publication looks different, it holds Keller and his staff’s ideals to heart. We will distribute the news to you, we will offer an outlet for student opinion and we will provide the opportunity for students to develop as leaders.

While the role of the printed newspaper in the future is unknown, editors at The Spectrum will give life to it until there is no more life to give. And we can assure you that won’t be anytime soon. While we’ve expanded our Web presence dramatically, we’ll still provide the UB community a printed copy thrice weekly, something that they can enjoy, and something that we can be proud of.

For those who have read for years or for those who have just begun, we thank you for your readership.

- Stephen Marth

Editor in Chief

The Spectrum