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  • m Polish for a day

    Buffalo community celebrates Dyngus Day

    On Monday, floats paraded down Fillmore Avenue to Meadow Drive near the Central Terminal in the city of Buffalo, accompanied by parade-goers chanting Polish phrases. Polish dancers twirled in colorfully embroidered costumes to celebrate Dyngus Day.

  • x The dark side of Dyngus Day

    As floats pass by, buildings remain abandoned in Historic Polonia

    Dyngus Day holds a special place in the heart of Buffalo Poles. It rejuvenates Buffalonians’ appreciation of their Polish roots. The streets come alive with parade floats, the smell of cooking kielbasa and the sound of the pussy willows hitting someone on the leg.

  • x “The Real World”

    We don’t always realize the magnitude of our existence, and we have a tendency to take our time on earth for granted. But reality is now, and we should live now instead of putting it off until later.

  • x Every vagina has a story

    V-Day event advocates an end to abuse against women and girls

    The play "The Vagina Monologues" was the feature event of the V-Day campaign at UB and was hosted by Sub Board, Inc. Health Education. V-Day campaign’s goal is to raise awareness of violence against women and children. The campaign started Feb. 14 and will continue until April 30, with events around North and South Campus. 

  • a À la Mode: Édition Spécial

    Spectrum Style

    There’s a special moment when you pull on your favorite outfit and you just feel like you. You don’t second-guess yourself and you don’t need to hear anyone else’s opinion to know you look great. 

  • x ‘I am the Cosmos’

    Katz exudes positivity, spirituality in her personal style

    Alexis Katz, a junior English major, has been drawn to all things shiny and positive since she was a little girl. She is one of many UB students unafraid of sporting uncommon style.

  • A postmodern city

    ‘Words’ celebrates Buffalo’s impact on 20th century art

    This past weekend, running from Thursday to Sunday, was the first-ever Words festival at Burchfield Penney Art Center. The festival celebrated the contributions Buffalo authors, poets, journalists and artists have made to 20th century art. 

  • x Glee in times of pain

    UB Glee performs at Relay with hope of spreading happiness

    Approximately 400 Relay for Life attendees watched UB Glee perform and clapped along because they felt like a “room without a roof.” They clapped along because they felt like “happiness is the truth.” 

  • n Finding faith in prison

    Students visit Collins Correctional Facility to spread message of love

    From singing “Amazing Grace” to saying the ‘Our Father’ prayer in front of chain fences and razor wires, Newman Center students offered religious and emotional support to local prisoners this weekend.

  • x A life dictated by Autism Spectrum Disorder

    UB students with siblings who have autism share their experiences

    April is National Autism Awareness Month. One in 88 American children is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But few studies are devoted to ASD’s effects on siblings of autistic children. Of the 839 studies reported within the past four years in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, four were devoted to siblings, but the focus of those studies was genetic risks and not life experience, according to a 2012 Time article. Though there are no statistics, a number UB students have autistic siblings.

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