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  • A postmodern city

    ‘Words’ celebrates Buffalo’s impact on 20th century art

    This past weekend, running from Thursday to Sunday, was the first-ever Words festival at Burchfield Penney Art Center. The festival celebrated the contributions Buffalo authors, poets, journalists and artists have made to 20th century art. 

  • x Glee in times of pain

    UB Glee performs at Relay with hope of spreading happiness

    Approximately 400 Relay for Life attendees watched UB Glee perform and clapped along because they felt like a “room without a roof.” They clapped along because they felt like “happiness is the truth.” 

  • n Finding faith in prison

    Students visit Collins Correctional Facility to spread message of love

    From singing “Amazing Grace” to saying the ‘Our Father’ prayer in front of chain fences and razor wires, Newman Center students offered religious and emotional support to local prisoners this weekend.

  • x A life dictated by Autism Spectrum Disorder

    UB students with siblings who have autism share their experiences

    April is National Autism Awareness Month. One in 88 American children is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But few studies are devoted to ASD’s effects on siblings of autistic children. Of the 839 studies reported within the past four years in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, four were devoted to siblings, but the focus of those studies was genetic risks and not life experience, according to a 2012 Time article. Though there are no statistics, a number UB students have autistic siblings.

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  • b Exploring avenues of local art

    The Buffalo Small Press Book Fair exhibited a wide scope of artistic, literary work

    The eighth annual Buffalo Small Press Book Fair ran from Thursday to Sunday. Poetry and fiction readings were held Thursday and Friday evening at the Western New York Book Arts Center. The fair itself was Saturday and Sunday at Karpeles.

  • b B-Boys meet world

    UB hosts break-dancing competition

    UB hosted “Buffalo Breakdown” on Saturday, at which break-dancing crews from all over New York came to demonstrate their skills and catch up with other crews. The $400 first-place prize encouraged stiff competition on the floor, and performers put their talent and emotion on display in the center of UB’s Flag Room.

  • h UB hosts speakers, Freedom Walk to advocate against human trafficking

    As a 4-year-old, Karen O’Hara was sold to men in her community for sexual exploits. She was a human trafficking victim until she was 16 years old. Saturday, people from the Buffalo community piled into the Newman Center to hear O’Hara’s story.

  • f À la mode: a guide to style

    Transition into spring with ladylike skirts and the revival of the crop top

    The melting snow, the upcoming rain and tulip bouquets filling flower stands all point to spring – that means fewer clothing layers and more colors. But it’s still pretty cold most days, which can pose problems when transitioning from winter bundling to spring skirts.

  • a We all scream for … fro-yo?

    As weather gets warmer, students call for frozen yogurt eatery on campus

    Frozen yogurt shops are getting closer to UB, but some students are clamoring for an on-campus eatery that they can frequent instead of the dispensaries included in five dormitory dining halls.

  • x Master’s program for theater combines theory with practice

    In its second semester, program enriches student engagement with craft

    UB began offering a master’s program for theater this past fall. Dr. Sarah Bay-Cheng, the director of graduate studies, came to UB in 2005 with the goal to create a graduate program in theater; after years of hard work, the idea has become a reality, she said. Combining theory and practice, the one-year program offers students a close-knit environment to cultivate research, writing and production and performance skills.