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Phone: 716-645-8565
Fax: 716-645-8566
Business Office
Phone: 716-645-2152
Fax: 716-645-2766

Editorial Board
Editor in Chief Aaron Mansfield 716-645-8560
Managing Editor Sara DiNatale 716-645-8566
Managing Editor Lisa Khoury 716-645-8566
Editorial Editor Eric Cortellessa 716-645-8566
Senior News Editor Sam Fernando 716-645-8565
Senior News Editor Rachel Raimondi 716-645-8565
Asst. News Editor Tong Meng 716-645-8565
Senior Arts Editor Max Crinnin 716-645-8564
Asst. Arts Editor Felicia Hunt 716-645-8564
Asst. Arts Editor Kiera Medved 716-645-8564
Asst. Arts Editor Rachel Kramer 716-645-8564
Senior Life Editor Joe Konze Jr. 716-645-8565
Life Editor Keren Baruch 716-645-8565
Asst. Life Editor Alyssa McClure 716-645-8565
Asst. Life Editor Sharon Kahn 716-645-8565
Senior Sports Editor Jon Gagnon 716-645-8562
Senior Sports Editor Ben Tarhan 716-645-8562
Sports Editor Owen O'Brien 716-645-8562
Senior Photo Editor Aline Kobayashi
Asst. Photo Editor Nick Fischetti
Asst. Photo Editor Juan David Pinzon

Professional Staff
Office Director Helene Polley 716-645-2152
Faculty Adviser Jody Kleinberg-Biehl 716-645-0691
Advertising Manager Emma Callinan 716-645-8555
Creative Director Brian Keschinger 716-645-8556

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