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  • x Link, Thor and Ash! Oh my!

    UBCon continues to grow as 25th annual conference is held over weekend

    Over the course of the weekend, characters of every size and shape from TV shows, video games and comic books flooded North Campus, primarily the Student Union, for the 25th annual UBCon, a weekend celebration of gaming and animeheld by the Strategists and Role Players Association.

  • g More than a memory

    Gavin DeGraw leaves fans in awe

    Last Thursday, Gavin DeGraw was the headline act at UB’s Center for the Arts. Supported by artists Rozzi Crane and Parachute, the night was filled with screaming girls, scale-breaking vocal notes and powerful musical solos.

  • o Light from a fire extinguished too soon shines on

    Marina Keegan’s “The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories” begins tragically – before the cover is even cracked – but ends asserting indomitable strength and hope.

  • sd Orphan Black is back

    BBC America’s riveting sci-fi show returns for its second season

    Featuring high-stakes drama that ensnares clones, cops and rogue scientists in an ever-evolving conspiracy, the first season of Orphan Black managed to straddle multiple genres and defy clichés while delivering breathless action and gut-wrenching revelations. 

  • a Around Town

    Feeling artsy? Check out events in Buffalo this weekend

    There will be no shortage of culture in Buffalo this weekend. If you check out any of the following events, not only will you get off campus and away from the looming academic buildings, but Buffalo’s city air will rejuvenate you for the homestretch of the semester.

  • x A fantasy play place

    SARPA to host 25th annual UBCon

    You might see all types of Nerf balls flying through the Student Union this weekend.

    Don’t be alarmed. The Strategists and Role-Players Association (SARPA) is hosting its 25th annual UBCon event from Friday to Sunday.

  • Playlist: The Best of Gavin DeGraw

    On Thursday evening, Gavin DeGraw will take the main stage at UB’s Center For the Arts. What better way to welcome him than with a playlist everyone can enjoy? Whether you managed to snag tickets to the show or not, this playlist is a reminder of DeGraw’s greatest hits.

  • v Daily Show’s Madrigal to perform in Buffalo

    Al Madrigal, a regular correspondent on the Emmy Award-winning TV show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart since 2011, is set to perform standup this weekend at the Helium Comedy Club on 30 Mississippi St. in downtown Buffalo.

  • e The Used’s new album pushes limits of momentum

    Album from band in transition never feels complete

    In The Used's sixth studio album, the band continues a transition from an early, meteoric rise that has never felt complete. Uncomfortably traversing rock sub-genres since, that early success is likely the only reason The Used has pushed on to a sixth album.

  • a Karma Bomb: Infamous: Second Son game review

    PlayStation 4’s first high-caliber exclusive is heroic continuation of beloved series

    Power consumes and corrupts. Power attracts and creates. But for Delsin Rowe, power transforms.