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Every Time I Die returns home, delights Town Ballroom

Metal band plays in Buffalo after seven-month hiatus

Asst. Arts Editor

Published: Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 20:07


Meg Kinsley, The Spectrum

Every Time I Die headlined the The All Stars Tour Monday at Town Ballroom.


Meg Kinsley, The Spectrum

Lead vocalist Keith Buckley said he is thankful to have gotten his start in Buffalo. “The people are authentic and nobody tries to be someone they’re not," he said.


Meg Kinsley, The Spectrum

At one point in the show, Buckley took a gulp of water and spit it up in the air to shower himself. "If you’re sincere and determined, Buffalo will support you because they know you have your hearts in the music scene," Buckley said.

Every Time I Die couldn't imagine having a better hometown.

The metal outfit returned to their stomping grounds Monday night at the Town Ballroom for The All Stars Tour, their first show in Buffalo since their annual Christmas show. The band wanted to make their hometown crowd proud and did so with a 90-minute set containing a full play through of their 2003 album, Hot Damn!

“You don’t notice until you leave, but I love the fact that Buffalo is [an underdog] and has character because of that,” vocalist and UB alum Keith Buckley said. “The people are authentic and nobody tries to be someone they’re not.”

Buckley’s life has a foundation in the Queen City. His brother, Jordan, is a guitarist for Every Time I Die, his father teaches computer science at UB, and he frequently bartends at new local venue The Waiting Room. Buckley believes in giving back to the city where everything began and keeping in contact with the band's immense home fan base.

The crowd became larger as Every Time I Die’s set time approached, after 11 bands took the stage starting at 2 p.m. They surprised their diehard fans with a new lighting display, their iconic “I” suspended behind them, pulsating with the instrumentals.

The band started their set with songs such as “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space,” off their newest record, Ex Lives, and “No Son Of Mine,” off The Big Dirty. The crowd seemed pleased with the mix of both older and newer songs.  

“We like to make every show have a different feel to it,” Buckley said. “Playing the same songs every night is routine and we are more motivated when we get to switch the set up a bit.”

After a short intermission, the band returned to the stage amid the roar of the audience to play Hot Damn! The reception to the surprise became everything that the band wanted.

Crowd surfers braved the height and flying cups of Pabst Blue Ribbon in attempts to touch Buckley. The Ballroom filled with hundreds of voices singing classics such as “Off Broadway” and “Hit Of The Search Party.” Buckley and the rest of the band could not keep the smiles off their faces as they exclaimed this was the best show yet on the tour.

Every Time I Die ended the night with “Pornogratherapy,” and their energy remained consistent through the very last strum. Buckley bounced around the stage to interact with as many fans as possible. 

Standout opening acts included Australian newbies Capture The Crown, who utilized the speaker stacks to stand over the pit below, veteran hardcore group Terror, and deathcore co-headliner Chelsea Grin, who propelled the Ballroom’s energy into Every Time I Die’s set.

Buckley said his band is starting the process of a follow up to 2012's Ex Lives very soon, as they have done six or seven tours off the record.

Every Time I Die is thankful they got their start in Western New York.

“Buffalo is a city that will sniff out a local band’s bulls**t immediately; they have no patience for that,” Buckley said. “If you’re sincere and determined, Buffalo will support you because they know you have your hearts in the music scene.”



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