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Deftones Koi No Yokan album review: Anticipating adulation

Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, November 27, 2012 14:11


Courtesy of Reprise

Artist: Deftones

Album: Koi No Yokan

Release Date: Nov. 12

Label: Reprise Records

Grade: A

In the ’90s, Los Angeles experienced a golden age of music; unfortunately, most of the bands from that era have faded away over the last decade and a half. Luckily, however, one of the best from that generation is still working hard and has finally completed its seventh full-length album, Koi No Yokan.

Deftones’ music has always benefited from a duality in their style. Soft mesmerizing music and vocals juxtaposed with hardcore screaming and heavy riffs create a unique mix of sound that sets the band apart from its colleagues.

Koi No Yokan is no different.

While this album might not be the band’s most adventurous work, it succeeds in delivering the distinctive sound and energy that its fans love and expect.

If frontman Chino Moreno were a mythical creature, he would be combined with the best parts of a siren and a banshee. Whether it’s softly serenading a chorus or belting out blood-chilling screams, he infuses each song with intensity and energy.

The album’s lyrics are masterfully constructed, relying on depth and emotion over superficialities like rhyming and repetition.

Songs “What Happened to You” and “Entombed” exemplify the softer essence of Koi No Yokan. Ethereal vocals and lyrics fused with flowing guitars and drums transport the listener to celestial bliss. 

Koi No Yokan also retains Deftones’ hardcore roots that made them famous. “Poltergeist” captures the energy and emotion from the band’s earlier days with charged vocals and heavy riffs. 

“Gauze” and “Swerve City” showcase the albums duality by blending heavy and soft ingredients. A musical rollercoaster of loud, abrasive segments contrasted with smooth, fluid elements give the tracks a dynamic edge.

The golden age of ’90s music lives on in Deftones’ newest album. Koi No Yokan is a breath of fresh air in an era suffocated by stagnant commercially fueled music.



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