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  • Singing in the sunshine

    Songs to help embrace the sunshine, sunshades and warm spring breeze

    After a long Buffalo winter, it can be easy to forget that sunshine and green grass do in fact exist. Spring has sprung, and students can finally be found enjoying the outdoors. There’s few better ways to celebrate spring than some music to relax to while sitting outside and breaking in those new sunglasses.

  • v Providing a stage for the unnoticed to shine

    The Buffalo Niagara Film Festival runs April 24 to May 3

    Bill Cowell and Dick Delson have been running the annual Buffalo Niagara Film Festival for eight years. This year, the artistic celebration is running from April 24 to May 3 and spans over five different venues throughout Western New York. The festival will consist of student films, shorts, music videos, feature films and animated films.

  • ‘On the Catwalk’

    Songs from keen, fashionable artists

    Style is like a Phoenix – it may die but will eventually come back.

    And like a Phoenix, style reappears stronger than before.

    With this week’s Spectrum playlist, we take artists from the ‘60s through now and break down their fashion and music styles.

  • o Danny Brown preaches to the mob in Buffalo

    In the lull leading up to Danny Brown’s performance, security guards broke up two near fist-fights. Brown’s palpable energy fueled a rowdy crowd. The 33-year-old rapper, on the latter half of his international, 48-concert tour, performed at The Waiting Room on Delaware Avenue Wednesday. Brown is on tour promoting his third studio album, Old.

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  • a À la Mode: Édition Spécial

    Spectrum Style

    There’s a special moment when you pull on your favorite outfit and you just feel like you. You don’t second-guess yourself and you don’t need to hear anyone else’s opinion to know you look great. 

  • x Around Town

    Weather got you down? Get up and check out events in Buffalo this weekend

    This week's Around Town includes events at the Buffalo History Museum, the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, Helium Night Club, Pausa Art House, the Just Buffalo Literary Center and the West Side Bazaar. 

  • x Link, Thor and Ash! Oh my!

    UBCon continues to grow as 25th annual conference is held over weekend

    Over the course of the weekend, characters of every size and shape from TV shows, video games and comic books flooded North Campus, primarily the Student Union, for the 25th annual UBCon, a weekend celebration of gaming and animeheld by the Strategists and Role Players Association.

  • g More than a memory

    Gavin DeGraw leaves fans in awe

    Last Thursday, Gavin DeGraw was the headline act at UB’s Center for the Arts. Supported by artists Rozzi Crane and Parachute, the night was filled with screaming girls, scale-breaking vocal notes and powerful musical solos.

  • o Light from a fire extinguished too soon shines on

    Marina Keegan’s “The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories” begins tragically – before the cover is even cracked – but ends asserting indomitable strength and hope.

  • sd Orphan Black is back

    BBC America’s riveting sci-fi show returns for its second season

    Featuring high-stakes drama that ensnares clones, cops and rogue scientists in an ever-evolving conspiracy, the first season of Orphan Black managed to straddle multiple genres and defy clichés while delivering breathless action and gut-wrenching revelations.