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Dear Spectrum Editorial,

In reply to your article “The Buffalo News’ irresponsible coverage of the Heights must end.” I find the unprofessional ones are the Spectrum Editorial Board thinking they have a right to comment on another paper’s writing. Your staff has shown it is not capable of accurately reporting facts, misquoting almost every person you do interview, and additionally sending questions to interviewees via text message. You are students, remember that. You are still learning, and from the articles I have read this semester you need continue to go to class. You do not have the knowledge and the experience to tell professional journalist what is irresponsible. When you all get your paper in order, then, and only then can you even think about commenting on another paper.

Also, as a resident of the Heights, the Buffalo News is not wrong, you all don’t seem to see the damage that students have caused the neighborhood. Have you seen that the students have cause the property values to decline? Have you seen the red cups all over the lawns of Heights? Live there for more than the common 2 years that students tend to live in the Heights, I have lived in the Heights for 10 years. You are the irresponsible ones reporting.

Lorenzo Guzman

Concerned Reader for 15 years.

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