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Beauty is in the details: FIFA 15 review

Newest from soccer game series brings added realism to gameplay


Game: FIFA 15

Released: Sept. 23 for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 (played), Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Developer: EA Canada

Publisher: EA Sports

Grade: A

The home team trails 3-2 with only 10 minutes to go. Suddenly, one player breaks away from the defense. The crowd is deafening as he nears the goal. A defender hacks him down in the box – penalty kick. The player coolly tucks it in the bottom corner, 3-3. Game on.

FIFA 15, the 21st installment in the massively popular soccer series, brings a level of realism to the game that, along with the improved gameplay dynamics, results in an all-around more engrossing experience.

The biggest change in gameplay is the player’s ability to move the ball. As a player, dribbling the ball is easier and faking, juking and embarrassing defenders is smoother than in previous versions of the game. The physical play is more realistic with the strength of each playing a larger part in how they move.

When an attacker knocks the ball past a defender, he and the attacker will grapple with each other to fight for the ball.

Additionally, shooting the ball has shifted to be more reliant on the set up of a shot. Perfect shots still leave the goalkeeper no chance, but are nowhere near as common because they require flawless tactics to set up.

These adjustments encourage players to pass the ball more and try to open up the defense – giving an advantage to more strategic gamers – allowing a weaker team to beat a stronger one through superior tactics.

On the defensive side, well-timed slide tackles are executed effortlessly and gracefully, whereas in FIFA 14 sloppy tackles and clumsy defenders were a trademark defensive liability.

Ultimate Team, a fan-favorite game mode in which players must create their own team from scratch, is also upgraded. Now, gamers can temporarily use rare players for a set amount of games in the new loan system.

The system, however, is still working out the kinks – players can only be loaned once, and only a limited set of players are accessible.

To move from gameplay to overall aesthetics, every team in the Premier League now has its home stadium in the game.

These stadiums feel authentic, as the game includes fan chants specific to each team.

From the “You’ll Never Walk Alone” chant at Liverpool’s Anfield stadium to Swansea City fans’ “Swansea Till I Die” chant at Liberty Stadium – FIFA 15 has it all.

The intensity of the match is increased because these realistic looking players can convey emotion much better.

Jerseys become dirty and stained, and the crowd is more dynamic than in previous iterations to the series.

They’ll go quiet if the team isn’t playing well, whistle with anger when they’re losing and break out into chants and cheers if their team is successful.

FIFA 15 encompasses the hard work and passion that goes into a sport game. From the fans to the ‘football’ itself, no detail or feature has been overlooked, giving fans a truly exciting experience.


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