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Life's A Beach: Jason Mraz CD Review

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Album: Love is a Four Letter Word

Artist:Jason Mraz

Label:Atlantic Records

Release Date:April 17


For all those itching to feel the groove of the summer, look no further.

Jason Mraz released his fourth album, Love is a Four Letter Word, April 17. His mellow, jazzy guitar playing, along with relaxing lyrics about love mixed with his carefree attitude will soothe any summer-craving spirit.

Fans were given the opportunity to listen to singles "I Won't Give Up," "The Freedom Song," "93 Million Miles," and "Everything is Sound" months before the release of this album. Just like those hit singles, the album as a collection offers the soft and diverse sound and lyrics.

You can feel this sense of calmness most in Mraz's "The Freedom Song."

"I see a sunset on the beach, yeah/ It makes me feel calm/ When I'm calm I feel good and when I feel good I sing," Mraz sings.

This feel-good attitude endures throughout the 20-track CD. Mraz is distinctive in his album because he doesn't solely focus on love, broken hearts, relaxation, or Carpe Diem; he provides a blend of all themes to satisfy any type of mood.

He promotes the ideas of escaping from the stress of life with the songs "Everything is Sound" and especially "Living in the Moment."

"So I just let go of what I know, I don't know/ and I know I only do this by living in the moment/ I'm letting myself off the hook for things I've done. I let my past go past and now I'm having more fun," Mraz sings.

Mraz's love songs do not focus on sex or vulgarities; Mraz sings about the honest, monogamous feelings of being head over heels in love with someone else.

This is apparent in his romantic track, "The Woman I Love."

"Maybe I annoy you with my choices, well you annoy me sometimes too with your voice/ But that ain't enough for me to move out and move on/ I'm just gonna love you like the woman I love," Mraz sings.

This idea is also heard in the songs "The World as I see it" and "I Won't Give Up."

He illustrates the harsh reverse side of love with the song "In Your Hands," which is about losing that one true love.

It is rare these days to download an entire album and even more so to actually buy that album. This collection of songs is worth the purchase.


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