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Senior Personals

Published: Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Updated: Monday, November 5, 2012 19:11


Ernesto Alvarado

President of the Undergraduate Student Association

It has been a pleasure serving all the students. I will never forget anyone I have met while I’ve been at UB. I’m proud of SA’s accomplishments this year. I would like to thank the students and administration for making it a great four years. I wish everyone luck in their future endeavors.


Eric B. Feinsilber

Senior Supply, Chain and Marketing Major

As graduation approaches, what is your biggest regret of your four years at UB? It’s a tough call, but losing in the intramural championships in three different sports was pretty miserable. Each time, my team should have won, but we came up just short and it had its affects on me. After losing, I felt empty, lonely, upset and insignificant. To be honest, I haven’t been the same since.


Brenton Smith

Senior Finance Major

What are some of your favorite memories from college? The Spring Fest where Cam’ron came was pretty sick. One party my friends and I threw a girl got so drunk that she fell into the punch bowl- it was pretty hilarious. Her name is Punch-Bowl-Molly.


Marilys Colon

Marketing and International Business Major

Favorite Memory: Joining the Latin American Student Association was my favorite part of UB. I was originally a dancer for them, then an activities coordinator, and now I’m the president. I learned how to do so many things; planning events and going to every one of them, learning important lessons that helped me with my major, and becoming a true part of the family that LASA is.


Isaac Kramer

Mathematics and History Major

Memories of UB: I liked being able to try different stuff at UB. I wasn’t one of those people who came in here knowing what I wanted to study so they let me explore every department. But I’m going to take weather into consideration the next school I’m applying to.


Karen Lew

Health and Human Services, Sociology Major

Do you have any advice for the incoming freshman class? Don’t mess up freshman year—it counts. Students usually get overwhelmed [by living on their own]. And get active and study abroad, even if you’re broke as shit.


Meredith Feigel

Senior History Major

What will you miss most about UB?: I’ll miss band, sporting events, and UB spirit. I’ll miss True Blue and seeing people painted in blue and white for the games. I’ll miss the first snow of the season and then the first nice day after you’ve been freezing for almost six months.


Reed Kinderman

Political Science Major

Regrets? I have no regrets at UB. I’m going to be attending grad school here because of the faculty, the location – it’s a big city, but there are enough suburban areas around campus to be able to maintain the small town feel that I grew up with.


Susana Eng

Pharmacy Major

Memories? It’s great just getting to know many people from different backgrounds. The diversity at UB is awesome.


Waifong Chan

Chemical Engineering Major

Favorite place?My favorite place at UB is the engineering computer lab in Bell Hall. I live and eat and all my friends hang out in there.


Mark Seldinas

Senior Finance and International Business Major

How do you feel about the people you’ve met in your time at UB? I came to UB knowing practically no one and still spoke somewhat broken English, since I had moved from Lithuania only about four years earlier. In my five years here I’ve made life long friends I can absolutely trust with my life. My boys have my back and I have theirs. I’ve had some pretty crazy and fun times with them.


Jessie Kelsey

English and Psychology Major

What will you miss most about dorming? Meeting people in general. I’ll miss being able to come downstairs in the dorms and eating food that’s already premade. I miss that already.


Eric Rochman

Senior Biomedical Sciences Major

What are you going to miss about college? The people, atmosphere here. Even though it’s a big school you can always find your friends. Also, how friendly everyone is and the college life in general.


Fadima Kamara

Communication Major

Favorite Memory: “My favorite memory at UB was actually my first day here, when my parents dropped me off and said goodbye. It was actually really cute because my mom managed to scout the other African parents and tell that their kids need to look out for each other.”


Gerald Adams

English and Mathematics Major

Most Memorable Moment: My most memorable experience was seeing N.E.R.D. perform at Springfest. I was waiting to see them for 10 years and it was free.


Kawthar Aldabhani

Senior Biochemistry Major

Favorite Memory: When I first came for orientation, one of the aides told me to join organizations at UB. I didn’t believe them ‘til now. I just got involved this year. Today I did community service with UB Pride.


Nana Akuoko

Biomedical Science Major

Memories: My Family Connected to Christ is what I will take away from UB. It’s an organization where we share a common belief and we have common goals. We always had Friday night bible studies and outings and activities, where other groups from different schools meet. After UB, I’m moving back to Albany but I’ll still keep in contact with them.


Tejla Giles

Chemistry Major

What are you going to do after graduation? I really enjoyed my research that I did this summer, so I’m going to continue that. It’s cellular biology.


Shaun Kegan

Business Major

Memories? I liked all the intramural sports. I like Oozefest; that was a lot of fun. Just pretty much everything about UB.


Thomas Spanos

English and Japanese Major

What did you enjoy about your stay at UB? I really enjoyed the international feel of it. We have a very diverse student body. So the international feel of the university was very nice. Especially, considering that I was Japanese major it was nice to converse was a lot of Japanese students that came from over there. I really enjoyed a lot of the teaching staff; they were really nice.

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